Smooth hot season of 2023 Shanghai SNEC is exhibited in cable is electric 3 arrows volley — exploration green develops new tomorrow

2023 Shanghai SNEC, in cable is electric 3 arrows volley

Exploration green develops new tomorrow

Day of   5 month 24-26, the 16th (2023) international solar energy is smooth the sources of energy of volt and wisdom (Shanghai) congress and exhibition read extensively in Shanghai new international the center begins grandly (the following abbreviation: SNEC Shanghai smooth hot season is exhibited) . Smooth hot season of current SNEC Shanghai exhibits the area that exhibit a house 270 thousand square metre, attracted come from the whole world 95 countries and area, in all ginseng of many 3100 enterprise is exhibited, day all person discharge is amounted to 500 thousand, join those who exhibit business and audience number to all reach calendar year most.

   regards the whole world as provider of solution of banner electric power and system of field of new energy resources, in cable is electric with"Safe transformation does not have care store can "Appear on smooth hot season of current SNEC Shanghai to exhibit for the theme, in cable is electric wait for respect implementation to span from difficult problem of pain spot of market demand, industry, craft type is broken through, heavy pound shows product of innovation of 3 industries level, it is respectively: Store can special open wide type dry type transformer, ” CEEG-CHIEF series ” store can machine of an organic whole and double-faced component of double Bo N efficient batteries. Notable is, in cable is electric exhibit this door with store can series of three-phase of CHIEF-AIO-3 Phase of machine of an organic whole, outfit of its Yi An, easy operation, more intelligent character, caused numerous much more domestic and international ginseng to exhibit an audience to stop watch. In cable is electric innovation product, 3 arrows volley, the technology makes the life better.

  01 store can special open wide type transformer: Green wisdom is built, efficient and flame retardant

  24 day in the morning, in cable is electric hand in hand Du Bang, hold jointly store can special open wide type to do type transformer to taste a news briefing newly.

   store can special open wide type to did type transformer to use Du Bang NomexT410 to serve as v/LIT all over the ground insulation, increased the flank fender that Nomex composite material makes at the same time. Nomex fragrant black silk ribbon of insulating material high temperature resistant, high mechanical intensity, the performance dominant position of tall electric insulating properties and tall stability, make this transformer has low carbon, environmental protection, energy-saving, efficient characteristic. In the manufacturing technology with electric and masterly report, gifted again the exterior like this transformer artwork and strong performance quality. In cable is electric hand in hand Du Bang, collective anchor is decided ” double carbon ” target, start green tomorrow in all, bring for the whole world more the life of high quality.

  02 " CEEG-CHIEF series " store can machine of an organic whole: Family store can, electric energy does not have care

   low carbon leads future, innovation changes the life! “CEEG-CHIEF series ” store can machine of an organic whole sets out from user angle truly, deepness combines an use view, the unit that uses independence changes module, offer for the user exempt design, one-stop service.

  CEEG-CHIEF series solution offers a variety of job mode, system24 hours of laden monitoring, support a mobile phone at the same timeAPP is controlled remotely, make management of domestic energy resources visible, can assist an user effectively to optimize energy management, benefit of implementation power station is the greatest change. The product supports EPS function, dauntless cut off the power, do not have inside 10ms seam switch, Safeguard uses electric stability. The product passes the authoritative certificate attestation such as CE, TUV, batteries is protected 10 years character, can discharge 6000 times circularly, the discharge deepness of 90% , safety has safeguard. In addition, CEEG-CHIEF series uses structure of an organic whole, pile to change a design, installation is convenient, shirt-sleeve building, science and technology is fashionable.

N of   03 182 series double-faced double Bo component: Double-faced generate electricity, more efficient

The cable in    is electric 182 series N double-faced advantage of double Bo component is clear, it has higher output power and changeover efficiency, in the biggest turn electricenergy production of promotion package product while, also reduced put together of system of smooth hot season to close cost further.

  182 series N double-faced double Bo, better low irradiation and temperature coefficient expression and fight PID function, lower attenuation rate, Accrual of better promotion power station. Efficient the double advantage with double Bo, glass replaces traditional backboard, cut off lunt is permeated, prevented snail grain to happen, Increase fight concealed to crack a gender; and fight sanded, acid-proof alkaline function more conspicuous, suit to apply in desert, the environment of the Yan Ke such as coastal, surface, and the area with circumjacent building reflex and dimensional scattering stronger light, if Gao Wei spends area and much snow area. Double-faced generate electricity more efficient, of whole system generate electricityAccrual can promote 10%-25%.


  SNEC Shanghai smooth hot season exhibits the spot, in cable is electric series activity is constant, taste news briefing, product newly to share meeting, shake phonic living broadcast to attract numerous industry big Ga, honored guest to show up communication interacts, spot good fun again and again, wonderful and dye-in-the-wood!

Revolution of    the sources of energy, tide is insurgent, interconnection of everythings on earth, report is essential. Drive industry technology progress, achieve human happiness to live in all, it is medium the pursuit with electric cable and take on. In ” double carbon ” of the target lead, in cable is electric be drive with technical innovation, life of exercise of serious carry out and take on, it is with product and service at the same time rely on, endow with can client, aid carry out course of study to develop up.

Smooth hot season of this second SNEC Shanghai exhibits    to ring down the curtain already satisfactorily, but in cable is electric won’t stop ongoing footstep! A when serve as electric power and field of new energy resources, in cable is electric will last focusing innovation research and development, promote a product quality ceaselessly, smooth store multivariate develop, aid target of force double carbon to reach together with you!

   connects a telephone call: 025, 52095855

Website of    official net: Https:// (or Baidu is searched ” in cable is electric ” )

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