Machine of green report outfit will defeat 1 million Huo Lin Guo to strap expand circular economy energetically

  5 month 14 days, the reporter straps municipal government to learn from Guo of Huo Lin of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, this city ” flexibility of follow-up fire report transforms the sources of energy of disappear take in the fresh-take in new Party members pilot project ” project of medium cable of wind of 300 thousand kilowatt first hoisting is successful. This is indicating fan of this project make one’s bow is large-scale installation phase, project total capacity and after the net, huo Lin Guo straps green report of city loop economy to install machine general to break through 1 million.

This igneous report flexibility transforms    the wind- driven generation set that pilot project uses is a Nei Monggol Autonomous Region up to now the buy on first transformer 6.7 million are made of baked clay generation set of wind-force of type of double make a present of, predict will at formal in August 2023 put into production.

Introduction    according to project controller, as the whole world first ” coal, report, aluminous ” group of industry of circular economy green, this project relies on Huo Lin Guo to strap the wind energy with rich area, solar energy and coal natural resources, according to ” generate electricity with coal, with electric refine aluminium, with aluminium electrified, with electric hurried coal ” overall train of thought, include construction report of year of fire of 1.8 million kilowatt that uses up 10 million tons of inferior coal to install report of wind of machine, 600 thousand kilowatt to install light of machine, 150 thousand kilowatt volt outfit machine, 860 thousand tons electroanalysis aluminium is produced can and electrified wire netting of provide for oneself of form a complete set, monitoring directs a center, realize accept of disappear of inferior lignite on the spot, compose builds the demonstrative division of development of cleanness of Gao Zaineng industry.

After    project put into production, the machine of green report outfit that Huo Lin Guo straps demonstrative project of city loop economy will achieve 1.05 million kilowatt, 37% what take general assembly chance, will promote accept of green report disappear scale and composition of structure of industrial the sources of energy greatly, can transport clean the sources of energy every year 3.5 billion kilowatt hour, managing mark coal makes an appointment with 1 million tons, decrease of all kinds contain oxide to discharge about 12 million tons, promote high quality of green of economy of region of suddenly Lin He to develop continuously.

   at the same time, this project carries out enterprise general with ” source net carries on his shoulder or back store with ” much can complementary crucial technology considers to be a task, build the electrified wire netting of new-style modern intelligence of economic environmental protection, on the safe side, make ” coal report is aluminous ” to ” green report is aluminous ” luxuriant face about, to suddenly Lin He benefit of the economic benefits of the area, society, environmental protection benefit is had urge action actively.

   in recent years, huo Lin Guo straps city to begin igneous report flexibility to transform, smooth hot season is made hydrogen, new-style store can, wisdom mine, wisdom is made wait for a project, make continuously ” economy of loop of suddenly Lin He ” demonstrative project upgrades edition, apply at the same time ” wind, smooth, fire, store ” much can complementary and ” source, net, carry on one’s shoulder, store ” unifinication mode, with the system of contemporary the sources of energy of clean low carbon, efficient safety, make chain of new-style green industry, realize the accept of large proportion disappear of clean the sources of energy, for ” economy of loop of suddenly Lin He ” high quality development is offerred continuously motivation.

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