Development of group of my scientific research goes ” chameleon ” kind new-style material

    The reporter learns 18 days from chemical college of Xiamen university chemistry, the data of new-style and active colloid that pacify of associate professor Zheng of group of this school Hou Xu and joint development of Professor Tang Jinyao of Hong Kong college give a kind to be able to pass control to realize design colour to change solely, be like,this is planted ” chameleon ” the active intelligence data like becomes angry than the tradition stuff is more reliable and easy, for chromatic electron paper and self-confessed report optics camouflage provided handy means. Relevant research achievement is online publish at international learning periodical ” natural ” .

       Researcher introduction, in the application of chromatic electron paper, basis of electrified color particle brings to bear on the case of voltage appears different get together to come loose and distributing, use thereby show different picture and character. The innovation dot of this achievement depends on, this new profile makings can suffer smooth effect, what realize particle namely through controlling light is different get together medicinal powder configuration in order to achieve macroscopical become angry the effect, or create a more complex micron level structure.

       Researcher designed system of a kind of active colloid, among them encode of dye of feature of chart of consumed of active colloid particle, form light to send become angry colloid group. Particle, the interaction of particle can pass the incident light that combines different wavelengh and strength to adjust neatly, the colloid that implementation can accuse gathers and depart thereby.

       The light in sufferring nature is sent become angry the phenomenon is inspired, if the head is full kind the animal reflects a condition through feeling ambient light, the pigment group in the new skin that discharge cloth changes its outward appearance thereby, research group passes mixture cyan, pinkish red and maize colloid form to be sent into dynamic light further become angry ink, be in macroscopical on realized light to send become angry. Become angry with what have material is different, this kind of light is sent becoming angry is those who be based on the active colloid mixture with revulsive light is perpendicular and phasic statified, arrange what have constituent namely afresh, is not to generate new chromophore, because this is more reliable,mix but process designing.

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