Congress of 2023 worlds robot kicks off in Beijing

On August 16, congress of 2023 worlds robot kicks off in Beijing. Industry and Bin of country of the member that informatization ministry party is comprised, undersecretary laborious attend an opening ceremony and make a speech.

The robot is the important composition of modern industry system, it is economic society intelligence turns changing pivotal tool, enter drive mankind society intelligent period quickly. In recent years, implementation of industry of our country robot develops flourishingly. Industrial dimensions expands continuously, Robot industry business income exceeded 170 billion yuan 2022, output of robot of industry, service, special type grows quickly. Brand actual strength increases ceaselessly, Robot domain only essence of life is especially new ” small giant ” the enterprise amounts to 273, 10 robots company grows for champion of manufacturing industry individual event. Market application is extended quickly, Installation amount of robot of our country industry occupied global proportion to exceed 50% 2022, certain room whole world is the biggest the market, density of manufacturing industry robot reachs every 10 thousand workers 392, service and special type robot are in the domain implementation dimensions such as content shedding, medical treatment, building turns application.

Xin Guobin expresses, industry and informatization ministry carry out development study be used to to make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China nearly, carry out the 20 big decision-making disposition that fulfil a party, grab catch an industry to expand strategic opportunity, quicken compose to build open share cooperative zoology, drive robot industry high quality to develop energetically, to urge economic society progress, creation good life is offerred strong prop up. Hold to application to lead, Advance deep ” robot + ” application acts, accelerate mature setting to popularize promotion, encourage exploration of burgeoning domain go ahead of the rest. Hold to innovation drive, Face industry application demand, drive a batch of high end overall, crucial component and breakthrough of craft software innovation. Hold to be in harmony to understand development, Strengthen center ground to cooperate with, breed demonstrative base of group of world-class robot industry and application jointly, perfect and public service, perfect standard system, promotion detects ability.

Current mass rally is mixed by Beijing people government, industry association of science and technology of informatization ministry, China is sponsorred jointly, with ” open innovation gets together enjoy future ” for the theme, install 6 advocate forum of forum, nearly 30 special subject and activity of form a complete set, will issue robot technology and industrial report, drop achieved bit the achievement such as outstanding project. Congress the corresponding period will hold exposition of 2023 worlds robot and world robot contest, gather together showpiece nearly 600 advanced techniques that the whole world makes an appointment with 160 robots business and scientific research orgnaization and product, among them 60 taste newly appear first, match of 4 big robots takes part in the match the number amounts to more than 10000.

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