Chinese robot industry grows a level to promote steadily

Chinese robot industry grows a level to promote steadily

Beijing of    Xinhua News Agency on August 17 report (reporter Yang Na) release on the congress of 2023 worlds robot in 17 days " Chinese robot technology and industrial development report (2023) " (the following abbreviation " development reports " ) show, current, overall development level promotes industry of our country robot steadily, applied setting expands significantly, core component is homebred change a process to be accelerated ceaselessly, the product advantage such as synergic robot, content shedding robot, special type robot increases ceaselessly, innovation business is much emerge in large numbers.

   robot regards science and technology as the bright bright phearl of innovation, it is one of important signs that measure ability of innovation of science and technology of a country. The basis develops a report, global robot industry carries growth state, china becomes robot industry to develop main impetus. Car and electronic industry still are the domain with robot application top rate, development of person entity robot is quickened.

   in recent years, robot technology innovation lasts active, patent application appears to develop momentum more by force, chinese patent applies for a quantity to carry ascendant current. Our country is in the robot is modular with reframe, the technical direction such as perception of much job program and intelligent control, news and navigation already gathered a batch of patent fruit.

A collection of illustrative plates of industry of Chinese of all kinds robot of scale of    China Electronic Society shows, from level of state of domain of our country robot only essence of life is especially new ” small giant ” enterprise and appear on the market the company is distributed in light of, our country robot is high grade company emphasis distributings look forward to of ferry is in Beijing, long triangle, bead trigonometry area, formed wait for the industrial group that is a delegate with Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Suzhou, Fosan, Guangzhou, Qingdao, bring cravat to move in local high grade enterprise under, emerge in large numbers a batch of Xin Rui companies that have stronger competition ability in fractionize domain.

   our country has broad robot application market, as ” robot + ” the action is carried out steadily, robot application domain is being extended quickly, be in the application of the domain such as check of make one’s rounds of operation of car of new energy resources, medical treatment, electric power, smooth hot season goes deep ceaselessly to solid, transition of digitlization of the strong industry that prop up, intelligence is changed upgrade.

   develops to the future of industry of our country robot, vice-president of Chinese Electronic Society holds secretary-general Chen Ying concurrently to express, robot industry technology will accelerate shirt-sleeve innovation breakthrough, apply setting to will expand continuously, large model will become robot intelligence ” cerebrum ” , robot zoology will be quickened in all accrete of be in harmony.

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