Bend over of wind light produced by electricity generates electricity the total installed capacity that general assembly machine exceeds 800 million kilowatt to be power station of 36 3 gorge about

   reporter learns from bureau of national energy resources: Up to by this year April, machine of outfit of report of our country wind 380 million kilowatt, machine of outfit of Guang Fufa report 440 million kilowatt, bend over of wind light produced by electricity generates electricity general assembly machine breaks through 800 million kilowatt, achieve 820 million kilowatt, occupy the whole nation to generate electricity 30.9% of outfit machine. 820 million kilowatt, it is the total installed capacity of power station of 36 3 gorge about.

   since this year, bend over of wind light produced by electricity sends electrical engineering Cheng to invest to grow continuously, protect for the sources of energy for kinetic energy of infuse more green. 1, April, wind report completes investment 40 billion yuan, grow 20.7% compared to the same period; Solar energy generates electricity the investment that finish 74.3 billion yuan, grow 156.3% compared to the same period. In drainage area of river of elegant rice huller, altitude spot of 4600 meters project of power station of Ke Laguang bend over, builder is main sprint in year and the net generates electricity target.

   " greet period of peak estivate key this year, stair hydroelectric station protects river of elegant rice huller to predict to be 49.4 billion kilowatt hour for ability, compare the corresponding period was added last year deliver 2.3 billion kilowatt hour. Add this year the Ke Laguang bend over put into production, dried meat the new energy resources such as Ba Shanfeng report generates electricity project, electricenergy production of the corresponding period predicts to still will add 900 million kilowatt hour, electric power is protected can amount to 50.3 billion kilowatt hour for ability, can satisfy annual of 16 million families to use. ” the country casts volume of company of river of group elegant rice huller to accuse Wei Peng of central vice director to say.

   meanwhile, competition ability of catenary of industry of bend over of light produced by electricity of our country wind holds the whole world continuously banner level. China but Qin Haiyan of secretary-general of committee of major of wind energy of society of second birth the sources of energy introduces, our country already was the wind phone equipment with the greatest whole world creates base, the crop of partial key component occupies the 70% above of global market. Respect of smooth hot season, chinese smooth hot season Wang Bo of guild reputation director China introduce, this year first quarter, polycrystalline silicon of our country smooth hot season, silicon chip, batteries piece, 4 link output grows package to all be in compared to the same period 58% above; Product of smooth hot season exports total 140 much dollars, grow compared to the same period exceed 15% . (reporter Dingyi graceful)

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