Aipusheng appears on 2023 Guangdong Zhi Bo to meet ode of course of study of chemical industry of amount to wisdom can innovate force

On May 23, 2023 – 25 days, the 4thChina(Hua Na) international robot and automation exhibition read extensively in Guangdong contemporary international the center is held, aipusheng serves as hold to from beginning to end ” science and technology + this locality is changed ” enterprise of innovation forward position participated in strategic technology to be exhibited this meeting, forChinaThe user brings 5 large number wisdom the solution of unifinication and industrial robot software are tasted newly, devote oneself to much azimuth essence to solve pain spot definitely, improve manufacturing efficiency, implementation intelligence is made.

Roll out from May 1983 the firstStageSince series of SCARA robot SSR-H, aipusheng abounds the category matrix of the robot ceaselessly, build the market competition camp of research and development of science and technology, the tall stability of the technical advantage that by right of its the industry precedes and productQuality, love general unripe robot won the whole world quickly the supportive reliance of broad user, maintain *1 of share of market of first of whole world of SCARA robot sales volume 12 years continuously. This year is Aipusheng is enteredChinaThe 25th year, also be Aipusheng 40 years when global business greets pair of export to make work at the same time, aipusheng will provide more high grade product and close after service, the major that becomes an user is very companionate.

Aipusheng is used oneself the technology brings course of study of 5 three-year institution of higher learning to manufacture a solution

Bencizhibohui, aipusheng showed 5 large number in all wisdom the solution of unifinication. Below the support that there is a technology oneself in Aipusheng, essence of life is aimed at the difficulty of manufacturing pain spot of disparate industry definitely, aipusheng rolled out prismatic cameraSmallOff color color detects circle of plan, brilliant expects high speed of nicety of solution, GX4 assembles solution, 3D vision solution and screw to lock up credit proposal up and down, the speed contrast that robot of different type SCARA still exhibited in the meantime and operating system of software of simple and easy to new engineer’s friendly RC+ edition. In order to satisfy the requirement of of all kinds project of the user, will number wisdom changes an industry to upgrade as oriented, develop the innovation product that gives Aipusheng and solution, the audience that invites the spot experiences digitlization gain of Aipusheng more clearly, intuitionisticly.

Prismatic cameraSmallOff color color detects plan

The colour that creating the spot detects in the process, quality and stabilityQualityIndispensable. General of relaxed and compatible love gives birth to robot of love general unripe four-axle prismatic camera and software, offer professional color to detect for daily expense consumable, spin and car component industry plan, at the same time use love general gives birth to MEMS technology, the spectrum with compact, frivolous implementation filters design, operation rate is rapid and precision is tall, can undertake fineSmallOff color is measured and those who measure an outcome quantify, canal of promotion product quality accuses to be led with fine, finish the automation that colour detects.

Brilliant circle expects up and down solution

In semiconductor industry, love general gives birth to robot collocation to have vision and pressure sensor oneself, use a variety of means pressure control to take the wafer that put brilliant, solved brilliant circle to take in putting material process, spend by pressure skimble-scamble and by control splintery rate advanced technology difficult problem. Additional, aipusheng offers robot and visual system, force to become aware the system is comfortable the service that distribute, help client begins course of study of number wisdom chemical industry easily to produce pattern.

GX4 accurate high speed assembles a solution

Assemble to high speed for, essence of life is spent definitely and efficient both be short of one cannot. GX4 robot carries Aipusheng ” GYROPLUS TECHNOLOGY ” , help robot reduces the leftover vibration from high speed motion stops effectively, shorten latency time, and can come true to be taken quickly put makings, rise assemble fine rate and efficiency, union loves general to be born from some robots and visual system, offer for the user one-stop service.

3D vision solution

The respect is assembled in visual capture and 3D vision nicety, industrial robot develops Aipusheng likewise outstanding. By Aipusheng 6 axes robot cooperates with 3D vision cooperates, use the fluctuation makings means of automation, need not operate artificially during assemble, and the visible, process designing interface that does not have code can bolt emulation robot moves more, for small lot, much batch production is brought softQualityChange a solution.

Screw lock pays a solution

SmallSmall screw pays torsional precision to have slashing demand to displacement and lock, in love general gives birth to robot and tripartite intelligence dynamoelectric screwKnifebelow union, implementation high accuracy repeats fixed position, SmallEssence of small moment of force allows to control, forSmallSmall screw lock pays compose to build high grade lock to pay a foundation.

Aipusheng holds the company of *1 of share of global first market 12 years continuously as SCARA robot sales volume, face industry place to need, the advantage technology that Aipusheng hopes to be able to creating innovation field through oneself, product and plan will help the number that prompts industry industry wisdom change transition, also hope to be able to make education of professional technology qualified personnel offer for intelligence at the same time help strength, reduce the barrier of robot automation. Because this is in this second exhibit on the meeting, the course of study of 5 three-year institution of higher learning that Aipusheng exhibits manufactures a solution, rely on from some most advanced pass feeling system and robot technology to wait, the automation that brings intensive of a series of profit of agile and efficient, seed produces line intelligence operation to set an example, in addition the use demand that is aimed at industrial robot, aipusheng passes the industrial robot software that replaces simple and easy edition to operate, help abecedarian introduction, multidimensional focusing, drive intelligence to make progress continuously.

Love general gives birth to joint to produce demand to updateIndustrial robot software

On January 18, 2023, the seventeen branch such as industry and informatization ministry is released jointly ” ” robot ﹢ ” applied action implements plan ” , Put forwardmanufacturing industry robot developed target and robot 2025 setting of 10 big application. The issuance of this one policy, mean ” robot ﹢ ” the arrival of the times, the robot will get applied inside bigger range, manufacturing industry robot will welcome tremendous progress opportunity more. And the development of the core system software that robot of the industry that prop up handles is Chongzhongzhi more heavy.

In current exhibit on the meeting, aipusheng exhibited not only course of study of 5 three-year institution of higher learning manufactures a solution, the industrial robot software after exhibiting to update at the same time is tasted newly — EPSON RC+ Express Edition RC+ is simple and easy edition. The software of this one version is accomplished on the operation use easily simply, the engineer that develops experience without software also can undertake process designing, reduce the time of development application process. And complex work with simple process designing ” numerous brief depart ” , allow operator to be done below the case that helps without SI namely revise simply, abecedarian is OK also and convenient from RC+ simple and easy edition changes RC+ standard edition to learnBe used toInto rank content is used in the future with offerring.

This year is Aipusheng is enteredChinaThe 25th year, also be Aipusheng 40 years when business of robot whole world greets pair of export to make work. Enter oneselfChinaSince, aipusheng holds to from beginning to end ” science and technology + this locality is changed ” development strategy, seek actively withChinaThe partner of this locality opens cooperation, listen attentively to the client’s sound, innovation target, quick delivery. With ” technology of province, small, energy ” for core, drive manufacturing industry to innovate continuously. To futureChinaThe future of the market develops prospect, aipusheng or as always grasp support the attitude that value and supports. Regard economy as the smallest one ring in development, aipusheng will continue carry out extends the commitment that waits for each respects with enterprise society responsibility in production, market all right, forChinaThe user provides the product that more green innovates and service, aid pushChinaEconomy is multivariate develop. Through this Ci Zhibo is met, aipusheng expects with the outstanding associate of each domain exploration achieves a likelihood in all, deep ploughing number wisdom create a field, collective ode can not come, the full new page of win-win of open mutual benefit, offer ceaselessly surmount expectant product, plan and service, with period forChinaConsumer is brought more experience of environmental protection, intelligence, close innovation science and technology.

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