Beneficial is ascended hand in hand PollenTech extends IoT to design a service

China, beijing – on August 22, 2019 – Asian optimal electron yuan agent of parts of an apparatus and solution supplier – beneficial ascends science and technology (TWSE: 3048) and PollenTech of developer of banner software service announce to establish politic partner relationship, in order to provide complete, function the solution of powerful, perfect integrated hardware and software system. This cooperative general can be IoT chip supplier and terminal product manufacturer (OEM/ODM) shortens the Cheng when development, quicken a product to appear on the market time, implementation is optimized completely and the solution with powerful function, be in multivariate applying the domain creates new business chance.

Beneficial ascends science and technology industry of long-term and cultivated electron uses a field each, emphasize development especially content couplet net, car, industry application, portable / can apparel the solution related formula product. PollenTech is long-term and dedicated pass spot test and verify at development and reliable embedded software devises a solution, chip of semiconductor of manufacturer of system of network of the couplet that it is content, international is main course of study person the software design that offers major and framework serve.

“ is in shorten in designing the environment that cycle and project resource pressure increase increasingly, our design, make and semiconductor supplier partners, need an electron yuan agent of parts of an apparatus, be dedicated to providing the service that surpasses acting sale for them. Long-term since, beneficial ascends science and technology and our client and supplier clasp, offer high-class service and solution. ” beneficial ascends Yi of Ceng Yu of president of science and technology to express: “ borrows cooperate by this, the client that beneficial ascends science and technology and PollenTech to will be us is offerred complete the hardware with manufacturing be in order, software and systematic solution, shorten the product appears on the market time achieves a sale. ”

Pauli Ponnikas of PollenTech Oy presiding apparitor expresses: “ we are honoured to ascend science and technology to spread out collaboration with beneficial very much, our service is beneficial the nature that mounts strategy of science and technology is outspread, devote oneself to to offer the most complete solution for the client. Combine our professional technology through cooperative general, offer powerful solution quickly, promote the productivity of collective client. ”

Nowadays is embedded software designs dominant the design that new product develops is periodic. Borrow the resource that ascends science and technology and PollenTech by integrated beneficial and technique, develop the client that helps us and partner distinctive application quickly, net of the couplet that it is content offers advanced solution.

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