Why did produce and sale of car of our country new energy resources enjoy growth in July

Car of new energy resources

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Produce and sale of car of new July energy resources appears negative growth reason has 3, it is allowance fall off makes above all consumption appears wait-and-see mood, it is to enter a sale next off-season market is not active, it is car look forward to adjusted manufacturing rhythm to be “ Jin Jiuyin again 10 ” shift to an earlier date labor force. Accordingly, do not watch show of short-term sales volume too again, market of car of new energy resources of second half of the year still is worth to expect ——

Association of Chinese auto industry is newest issuance data shows, our country new energy resources finished 70 thousand to mix 67 thousand respectively by the produce and sale that use a car July, relatively annulus score did not drop June 41.8% with 51.4% , than going up year of the corresponding period drop respectively 11.2% with 9.4% . Last time quantity of produce and sale of car of new energy resources enjoys growth even restrospect to in January 2017 portion, because industry anticipates allowance to policy will be adjusted and appear,also be that wait-and-see mood.

This car of new energy resources loses growth reason to have 3.

“ is policy element above all. The steam in ” assist secretary-general assistant Chen Shihua is end of policy environment influence two big fields. It is policy of allowance fall off on one hand. Before June 25, market of pure electric car released an user to buy car demand centrally. After June 25, be born of policy of allowance fall off affected the decision-making rate that consumer buys, bring about consumer to support wait-and-see attitude.

On the other hand, country 5, 6 policy switch also is in the country the sales volume that car of new energy resources affected on certain level, be in especially blame be restricted to buy an area. “ is in blame be restricted to buy an area, original price many yuan 20 fuel car, because discharge policy switch, depreciate reach ten yuan, make the customer that partly car of new energy resources buys intention turns and buy a nation 5 cars. The steam in ” assist Xuhaidong says.

“ is market element next. ” the selling manager tells inn of car of a new energy resources economic daily reporter, entered traditional car July the sale is off-season, look forward to of a lot of cars begins to put high temperature holiday, all sorts of sales promotion activities are opposite also less, because this produces sales volume,glide not fathomless also. Data of the meeting that keep watch also shows, industry of automobile of new July energy resources is average go up to count annulus comparing to drop nearly 81.4% , this also from flank test and verify the vivid jerk of the market.

It is the company adjusted manufacturing rhythm actively again. Upgrade as a result of technology of car of new energy resources faster, small this year roc the car erupts old money car advocate dimension authority retreats car disturbance, bring about manufacturer more discreet when promoting new version. Since “7 month, we basically are to doing product line adaptability to adjust, promotion at the same time user service regards the job as the key, with great concentration solves an user to be before carry out, carry out a series of pain spot of the link after medium, carry out, include battery lifelong and free protect character, hardware iteration plan, charge perfect, two handcart change the network purchase the user policy such as the plan and service. Car of ” power horse expresses about chief, the enterprise prepares “ Jin Jiuyin in the key the arrival of 10 ” , guide high purpose to the user pays close attention to continuously and experience new product of tall add boat, predict after model of power horse EX5 520 appears on the market sales volume can have apparent promotion.

“ cannot appear because of only month negative growth, expand direction and market latent capacity with respect to what deny car of our country new energy resources. ” Xu Haidong expresses, if look from absolute magnitude, transferred June because of allowance period the sales volume “ that will end and increases moves ” to July, the sales volume July still is increasing. In addition, all along of market of car of new energy resources has low first half of the year fan, the characteristic that sales volume of second half of the year erupts centrally, market of car of new energy resources of second half of the year still is worth to expect this year, hopeful of annual sales volume breaks through 1.5 million.

Evaluate the development of the enterprise, besides product sales volume, still the market has the multinomial index such as investment of rate, research and development. “ because some business sales volume is inferior to only month,cannot anticipate much, think this enterprise has a problem, perhaps do not have future. Industry of automobile of ” Tsinghua university and Zhao Fuquan of dean of technical strategy academy point out, the competition of automobile industry is not dash race, however marathon contest, those who compare is not temporarily speed, however long-term ability and endurance. So, not 9 months even the sales volume performance inside 9 years looks too again, should not glide because of short-term market more from random condition. Face industrial “ new 4 change ” to change tide, intelligence is dynamoelectric car foreground but period, the enterprise should have enough hope to this, make product of essence of life and service, save actual strength ceaselessly for this.

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