VR equipment market from low end, cheap demand changes direction in high end, suo Ni, HTC or be benefited?

Strategy Analytics expresses, the demand acute of the Gear VR as the Cardboard to Gu Ge and Daydream product and SamSung is decreased, market of virtual reality hardware is wearing equipment to change direction from the head of cheap, low function. Accordingly, the Oculus He Hongda report of Suo Ni, Facebook (HTC) in the VR head last year wears high-grade manufacturer 77% what equipment income holds global gross earnings.

Suo Ni’s PlayStation VR led the driving demand that shows to VR head, share of its market income is 30% , and Oculus and HTC are respectively 25% with 22% , of outclass cereal song 11% 5% with SamSung, odd company divides up the rest the portion of 6% . Strategy Analytics expresses, because PS5 hopeful supports PSVR, suo Ni’s user may continue to grow, and grand amount to report (the support that the platform of HTC) and Facebook will get enterprise and door of Ministry of Education.

Often talk about outstanding achievement as discussing result to the student general, always a few jubilate a few anxious, this of anxious is Gu Ge and SamSung, share of cereal song market compared to the same period from 21% fall to 11% , samSung more did not carry, abandoned undertaking Gear VR fittings and smartphone binding the attempt of the sale almost.



Because market main trend gets lost from product of the low price that carry cheap, stop gift and bind a sale, also brought about honor equipment to drop compared to the same period 50% above, drop from 31 million of 2017 15 million of last year, what need an attention nevertheless is, these numbers include to be made by chipboard and wear equipment ” without any treatment or the “ head of indication hardware. Accordingly, to VR hardware income character is small drop only, drop from the 1.9 billion dollar 2017 to the 1.8 billion dollar last year.

These simple equipment helps drove “ demand, but their times is about to end, ”Strategy Analytics executive trustee wears dimension • Mai Kekui favour (David MacQueen) explains. “ our research makes clear, the consumer that has tried VR enjoys this kind of experience really, they are wearing equipment to seek with better head more the experience of high quality. Mixed 2018 2019, win the home truly to come from the price quality is taller, higher, and basically be the VR equipment market that is linked together with PC or lead plane. ”

Look into future, this company predicts VR general produces crucial effect in 5G network, nevertheless this company shows, have VR application challenge sex at the right kind of 5G market. “ is mixed in VR 5G domain, true market enters strategy to be able to decide to beat the home and loser, vice president of ” this company defends · division Er greatly (David Kerr) expresses.

Actually, reveal to consumer more high end, the content of high quality and technology need operation business and hardware manufacturer joint efforts, this is before a key that popularizes VR restricts a drop, although hardware price is compared,improve somewhat before, nevertheless this will still be horizontal a bank before the market rises.

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