The United States will defer pair of Chinese part products to impose custom duty

American commerce represents the office (OfficeofTheu.s.TradeRepresentative) expresses, the government will defer Telangpu to begin to be opposite on next month formerly include notebook computer and mobile telephone inside certain China product imposes the custom duty of 10% .

Mobile phone

American commerce represents the office to express in a statement, the custom duty of other product will by remit to on December 15, include monitor of plane of game of “ computer, video, certain toy, computer among them, and certain shoe kind kimono installs product ” .

American commerce will announce more detail on behalf of the office, with the detailed list of the specific product kind that gets this statement effect. This office plan undertakes excluding an order to the product of additional custom duty.

Earlier some moment, tribal chief just is involved in dialog of Sino-US and Vice Prime Minister of committee member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council, overall economy Liu He should be made an appointment with represent Laitexize, Ministry of finance with American commerce admire of long Mu exert communicates. Just just plan to asked for custom duty problem to have solemn and just negotiation at will be defeated by beautiful commodity to add to China on September 1 with respect to the United States in. Bilateral agreement is in future two communicate again inside week. Hair of easy program of president of bank of people of Zhong Shan of minister of Department of Commerce, China, country changes appoint of vice director Ning Ji attend communicate.

Telangpu expressed on August 1, he will be right the Chinese commodity of 300 billion dollar imposes value the custom duty of 10% , criticise China buys the acceptance of produce of more United States now without add. Telangpu’s president announces new since round of custom duty, the global economy growth that trade war causes puts delay already dominant wall street two weeks queasy trade.

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