The United States imposes custom duty again, is semiconductor industry affected how?

On August 2 before dawn, telangpu pushs in its go up especially announce: During Sino-US negotiation, the rest that will lose the United States to China on September 1 specified number of goods of 300 billion dollar is adscititious impose the custom duty of 10% . This does not include to already imposed the custom duty of 25% to the Chinese commodity of 250 billion dollar.

After here opinion on public affairs passes, american market reaction is severe, wall street stock market drops considerably, investor in succession scare buying bond. Dow Jones industry is published in Telangpu pushed article hind to drop 250 a little bit before long. The company performance that depends on Chinese market badly is apparent, malic share price by rise 1.4% , slide quickly to drop 1.4% .

Sino-US trade war

Review antecedent

This year May, telangpu imposes the custom duty of 25% with respect to the Chinese commodity that ever issued pair of 250 billion dollar. The custom duty before be aimed at this rises, many LED enterprises suffer his to affect at that time, changed a plan.

How does Xu Xun of round assistant chief engineer tell Aihuaji at that time: “ still has certain effect to Ai Hua, we are to have plan of a put into production originally, also must enter a wait-and-see state now. ”

The Leng Xiong of beautiful core Cheng also is like this deep feeling: “ from short-term see me feel this impact should be quite big still, our a few clients, may be in a wait-and-see condition, hold proper shipment. But will for a long time look, the industrial catenary of LED still does not have which country all over the world, can accomplish be centered so and have competition ability, say final order so I feel long-term to look to still do not have an influence to industry of this kind of illume. ”

But as a whole, chinese LED market still has an advantage, in the light of exit the market also is in wait-and-see, perhaps change strategy, to move of the others market.

Inspect of small Wu Zong expresses Li Chi: War of “ Sino-US trade won’t be too great to Led industry influence, because of the market besides the United States besides, actually the industry also is in our illume to be enclothed to other area, not just the United States. We still have Indian market, still have South-American market. ”

Need the Wang Xiaojia of easy microelectronics also expresses: We also see “ the near future a few clients of our North America, the client shipment amount that makes North America market is decreasing somewhat, be being affected possibly to whole illuminative industry of course is not very big, because these enterprises also are in slowly now,transfer southeast Asia, this also is the investment that our home company takes. ”

Rise to custom duty, inspect sums up Wu Zong, “ but with respect to industry itself, we hope issue of this one trade is met as soon as possible in the past, common saying says fight the enemy 1000 from caustic 800, trade battle did not win the home. ”

New tariff is affected

And nowadays is beautiful square if be opposite,commodity of 300 billion dollar imposes custom duty newly, what industry will be affected? This year on May 14, office of American trade delegate (USTR) announced what restrain 300 billion dollar the 4th batch of 301 investigation in the light of China to draft levy inventory. The detailed list of levy of 300 billion dollar that this the United States releases includes number of 3805 tax regulations in all, before was being covered 3 rounds of 34 billion dollar that already was added to impose custom duty, 16 billion dollar and the almost all product besides 200 billion dollar product. Be eliminated things of medical treatment of medicine of outer only drug, raw material, part, rare earth and crucial mine product.

Specific in light of, detailed list of the 4th batch of levy centered many consumable, ranking first among them is electric machinery, electric equipment and its spare parts.

Be aimed at this message influence, malic share price drops for a time more than 2% , besides the apple, flower course of study is amounted to already had partial pen report at present from shipment of factory of Taiwan peach garden. Flower course of study is amounted to express, produce partial pen electricity now can move the pace that gives the mainland must be accelerated, with because answer Telangpu tariff of this one new report of pen conveying the beauty.

Although the trade protectionism of American government is the behavior that goes against globalization, at that time still is a risk, the yield that a lot of acting factories also can adjust different place of production can, not blind increase production, avoid effect of short-term economy interest.

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