The United States announces according to RAB of look forward to lamps and lanterns of the LED since next month rises in price 10 %

The intermediary outside occupying reports, RAB of American illume manufacturer releases an announcement case to say, because American Department of Commerce and American commerce represent the office (USTR) is right include lamps and lanterns and ballast inside a lot of commodity were carried out add additionally impose custom duty.


As a result of LED lamps and lanterns (American HS code: 8539.50.00, lamp of glow diode LED) suffer add ask for custom duty influence, RAB announces the lamps and lanterns since September 7, 2019 rises in price 10% .

RAB expresses, on September 7 or before received order will open bill with current price. After this date, all order that accept the order and deliver goods will be executed with new price.

The analysis inside course of study thinks, this the United States transports beautiful product to China 300 billion dollar drafts levy detailed list to include 3805 HS code in all, before was being covered two rounds of 500 dollars that already were added to impose custom duty and the almost all product besides 200 billion dollar product. Add ask for custom duty to will bring about business of more American illume brand to be pounded to reduce custom duty, in must joining the procession that rise in price, let consumer buy sheet.

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