The technology upgrades or drive how to prevent monitoring trade demand


Picture origin network

Picture origin network

How to prevent monitoring industry to pass old development, already be pregnant with goes to sea Kang Wei is inspected, big China the preeminent company such as share, market size basically also is held by hardware manufacturer. And as how to prevent iteration of monitoring industry technology, the market also generated demand to the tiring-room management of video monitoring. How to prevent monitoring industry to had experienced imitate period, the number is high-definition times, already entered artificial intelligence period now. And as artificial intelligence technology upgrade, of 5G technology gain ground, the demand that predicts platform of pair of tiring-room couplet net and video monitoring manage platform also will increase ceaselessly.

Now, liu Guang is in president of Oriental net force investor survey says on the meeting, the quantity of “ camera hardware is the biggest, 80% what take whole market possibly; Another worthwhile is the software platform ” that Oriental net force does. To Oriental net force, stagger the front with hardware tycoon competes, it is a well-advised choice undoubtedly. The reason depends on, hai Kangwei inspects the domain in its sortie, DVR, memory, camera manage regnant position, manage platform besides couplet net platform and video monitoring. Nevertheless, liu Guang also is replying ” red weekly ” make clear when the reporter’s query express, hai Kangwei is inspected with Oriental net force it is competitive relation.

Below governmental dominant, video monitoring domain of home already “ dynamic ” must experience construction of ten years, also experienced 3 periods. 2003-2007 year the construction that is infrastructure, 2006-2016 year it is restful city construction of 10 years, 2016 is bright project up to now. Technical level also experienced iteration several times, wait for inchoate demand from ” of “ couplet net, after arriving 15 years, structured person face identifies the artificial intelligence technology such as the technology. As technical progress, the client’s demand also upgrades further.

The structuralization of the target, the get through of data is the new requirement that prospective video monitoring runs. Urban data manages the technology of platform to develop way, pass artificial intelligence technology to be able to realize the structuralization of whole goal in video namely, whole goal structuralization is helpful for get through data, and with other city in multidimensional perceptive data phase is united in wedlock. And the be born of final project is come by public security dominant. Include to face platform of class of city of level of hundreds of ground of countrywide, provincial platform, ministry, and public security is a county that visit town platform of 4 cascade net, ministry class platform is the commanding elevation that faces whole industry.

In addition, the development of 5G technology or ecbolic new round industry changes. With once technology of 3G, 4G is same, as the development of infrastructure, 5G also can promote the development of industry of whole video monitoring, a series of equipment that are based on 5G, application will emerge in endlessly. Liu light explanation says president of president of Oriental net force, as the development of 5G, the dimension that data collects is spent the meeting is wider, and gotten cost will be lower, this gave data platform and intelligence to turn business the space with development.

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