The stage accumulates report: 3nm craft goes well already the client is participated in

Go up in semiconductor technology nowadays, the stage accumulates report all the time very radical, 7nmEUV craft has been measured produce, 5nm comes immediately, 3nm is not far also.

CEO of stage accumulating report holds Cai Li of couplet seat chairman concurrently to go (C.C.Wei) discloses on investor and analyst meeting, the research and development of N33nm engineering technology of stage accumulating report is very successful, already inchoate client is participated in come in, with stage accumulating report undertakes the technology is defined together, 3nm will deepen a stage amass leadership position of report further in future.

The stage accumulates report

Current, 3nm craft still is in phase of inchoate research and development, the stage accumulates report to also do not have an any technicality, and index of function, power comsumption, be versed in than 5nm how much skill promotes for instance, just say 3nm will be a brand-new craft node, is not 5nm improve edition.

The stage accumulates report to just say, had evaluated the transistor structure with 3nm craft possible place to design, received first-rate solution together with the client, specific standard is in further development, the company has confidence to satisfy all requirements of big clients.

SamSung ever was announced before this, will use on 3nm craft be based on accept rice piece (of Nano-sheet) surround type grid (Gate-All-Around)MBCFET transistor structure, 3GAAE of craft node abbreviation.

Accumulate report to must retain enough competition ability on new technology considering the stage, and emphasizing 3nm is brand-new, so necessarily also can new framework, technology, material waits.

Additional, the stage accumulated electric 5nm craft to use ultraviolet light of 14 EUV pole to engrave a layer, should meet on 3nm use more, but still may continue to withhold DUV deep ultraviolet light to engrave a technology, mix use.

Stage accumulating report ever was announced before this, the plan produced 3nm technology with respect to the quantity 2022.

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