The analyst calls 2019 memory the price or drop 42% semiconductor battalion close to also be met lower

The memory product price that friction of day Han trade causes is unusual rise, already at early paragraph time delivers terminal market. The market research that precedes inside course of study however and the newest report that analyse company Gartner point out, memory price can drop further inside this year. The analyst points out, of DRAM market beg for be more than, or bring about product value to steep fall in 2019 sticking a certain hour 42.1% , and predict this kind depreciates the trend can comparative for some time continuously.


Gartner thinks, DRAM manufacturer may want when ability met 2 quarters clear be over 2020 inventory. But had seen in view of PC industry relatively substantially the price is fluctuant, be willing to believe such opinion on public affairs without how many person it seems that.

But actually, review early memory of a few years soares the history, you can discover the group of model of some 16GBDDR4 memory that ever was as high as 160+ dollars via price, make work only on Yamaxun currently 73 dollars.

Meanwhile, battalion receives semiconductor of Gartner predicting whole world or from 475 billion dollar (2018 data) decrease to 429 billion dollar, drop about 9.6% .

Gartner ascribes this one potential factor to the price environment with the trade friction that lasts before big country, memory and other chip weaker type, and smartphone, server and PC sell those who increase a current to drop.

Of course, this just comes from the report of some analyst, and market researcher always is not can accurate the value that calculates future goes situation. Even if is such, to broad consumer, cheap and fine commodity, after all is better choice.

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