Tesla will break up times increase super fill power station V3 super charge stake the end of the year is entered China

The intermediary outside occupying reports, the United States interlinked convenience inn and Wawa of gas station enterprise to express external recently, since August 2017, tesla has been built in inn of 16 Wawa door super fill a power station, bilateral plan will be super before the end of next year the amount that charges a power station turns over times, gross will exceed 30.

Charge picket

As we have learned, current, tesla the first communal test version V3 is super fill a power station to had been opened in area of American san Francisco bay, should charge picket already offerred tesla to actor or actress foretaste maneuver delimits stage by stage (EAP) user.

In addition, tesla ever still announced in May this year, predict V3 of the end of the year is super this year charge picket will enter Chinese market, china will be afterwards American hind introduces V3 the 2nd times super charge the country of picket. Be in tesla Shanghai factory be about to the instantly of complete put into production, believe tesla rolls out V3 super charge picket is to solve an user to charge pain spot, for the model below the banner large-scale promotion prepares.

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