Tesla report lorry is fully loaded with add boat test to amount to mark: Doubt realizes 800 kilometers

Well-known is, people money Model3 the star model that nowadays is American tesla company, the ” of weapon of another “ secret that does not cross tesla to have not produce a sale is electric lorry (the brand is TeslaSemi) . The intermediary outside occupying latest news, tesla report lorry came out a few days ago a good news, in start off test, in lade below the circumstance of about 34 tons of goods, this lorry realized expectant add boat course of development, it is the boat of 960 kilometers add that Masike mentioned in the past likely.

According to foreign media coverage, strictly speaking, the electric lorry of tesla is semi-trailer () of lorry car head, the driver can be passed all sorts of hind the goods that hangs railroad car to carry different sort or container.


It is reported, 2017, tesla company released electric lorry formally external, this company shows at that time, future is large-scale the tesla report truck that produces version is United States of a “ ” of 8 class lorry, the largest loading capacity is 36 tons.

Electric lorry offers two version, version of 150 thousand dollar offers 300 miles (it is 480 kilometers about) odd second charge add boat course of development, version of 180 thousand dollar offers 800 miles (it is 800 kilometers about) add boat course of development.

Later, tesla is presiding apparitor · Ma Sike shows dust bulge, they discovered the opportunity that enlarges course of development of boat of electric lorry add during the test.

Last year, ma Sike expresses, the add boat course that capacity of tesla report truck produces version will be close to 600 miles (960 kilometers) .

Recently, the outside discovers car of prototype of lorry of a tesla report is in center of examination of California highway policeman to undertake is apart from a test. According to the report, test driver expresses, car “ achieves electric lorry prototype or exceeded ” of predicted add boat course of development. This driver did not announce the number of add boat course of development of specific implementation.

Eyewitness says, tesla company is testing boat of add of new-style report lorry at that time, the coagulation clod that the lorry reprints at that time is to be used at testing an end merely. Say according to the driver, the goods weight that the lorry reprints at that time is 34 tons about, the lorry is being achieved or exceed anticipated add boat course of development.

Eyewitness expresses, electric lorry is prospective trend absolutely. We expect to see more electric lorry start off.

Eyewitness also announced the picture that tesla report lorry has add boat course of development checks on Facebook platform.

Be worth what carry is, the add boat course of development that tesla company government announces all is the course of development that is fully loaded with goods.

Tesla report lorry plans to be in at first 2019 put into production, but tesla is the closest remit to of time of put into production the end of next year. At the appointed time, predict to will more electric lorries appear on the market at the same time contention market.

Last week, germany wears Mu to strap a company to begin to client consign lorry of the first full report, test the one part of motorcade as its client.

Media of an United States expresses, if tesla report lorry is in,be fully loaded with the add boat that 800 kilometers realize below the circumstance, that will be a success that makes a person fab.

Under photograph comparing, according to Daimule the company says, the add boat course of development of its report lorry is 250 miles about (400 kilometers) .

If tesla can maintain his,affirmatory price is nodded, so this report lorry will become traffic to carry a territory one is provided extremely overturn sexual force. If electric lorry batch appears on the market, also will reduce content to spread the operation cost of express company substantially.

The electric lorry of tesla although volume is huge, but have tesla at the same time famed at the industry high-powered. According to foreign media coverage, electric lorry carried 4 independent electromotor, integrated output power is 1000 horsepower, the sky that hangs railroad car after do not have carries a circumstance to fall, electric lorry quickens 100 kilometers speed per hour, need 5 seconds only. If reprint 36 tons of heavy goods, need 20 seconds about to 100 kilometers speed per hour quickly.

Drive automatically?

The sale was not produced all the time after tesla report lorry is released, archetypal car every time on highway appear to also initiate media attention and coverage.

This year earlier before, people discovers car of prototype of lorry of a tesla report is on California freeway travel, according to the photograph, people guesses drive without any drivers at that time lorry, be in namely drive automatically mode.

Although tesla is dedicated all the time at motor-car of illicit home appliance drive automatically, but go up in project of tesla report lorry, this company is done not have drive automatically to attach most importance to a dot.

On the news briefing 2017, tesla ever expressed, this lorry was deployed drive automatically with its the function with same system, but what it pays close attention to is, how to use car cue formation (can utmost reduces wind block, save fuel) , promote safety benefit thereby with carriage efficiency.

Actually, have a lot of achieve company of science and technology newly to driving automatically in development lorry, a company that Uber buys also realized American first time to drive automatically in the past lorry Sunday run is carried. Occupy American media to report recently, the United States has had drive automatically truck company started business formally to use, but be in inchoate, still have be accompanying of safe and mothball driver.

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