Tecent transition ToB contends for wisdom city new ground

2017, ma Huateng is mixed to Wang Jingtian of vice-president of cloud of Tecent government affairs group of his government affairs cloud says, digital Guangdong should establish ” of “ dare-to-die troops, in Guangdong the province makes system of digital government affairs.

On July 16, 2019, on brand of ” of city of Tecent “WeCity future and solution news briefing, king of vise general manager of business of Tecent cloud government affairs just said, a year many, “ of this dare-to-die troops lived to come down ” .

The group of cloud of Tecent government affairs uses a year of time of half, one what accomplished digital Guangdong countrywide government informatization.

This year, they received Wang Gang new task —— wins the bid Changsha WeCity project, make new-style wisdom city. This means the technology that needs oneself of integrated and more Tecent and partner, make integrated type innovation.

Wisdom city

This is Tecent from last year “9·30” framework is adjusted, to the practice of the first be born after ToB face about. Last year on September 30, tecent announces to undertake the framework is adjusted constituent, 7 original enterprises group become 6, the small letter enterprise with original reservation group (career of WXG) , interactive entertainment group (enterprise of project of IEG) , technology group (TEG) , the company grows an enterprise group (CDG) , additionally 3 careers group reset, establish platform and content cause group (facilities of estate of PCG) and cloud and wisdom group (CSIG) , business of Tecent government affairs, below vest in CSIG. Arrive from WeChat WeCity, similar letter, adumbrative the rock-bottom ability that place of Tecent of prospective city project develops.

“ future city is future the two development way with one is in important to cloud of 3 years of Tecent in government affairs domain. ” Wang Jingtian says, the train of thought that Tecent does government affairs to serve is, “ was in in the past 20 years the capability that consumptive Internet gathers and advantage and governmental business union rise. ” he also is president of digital Guangdong company at the same time.

” of open platform of ” of the person that “ connector ” , “ kit ” , “ digitlizes zoology of assistant ” , “ to be built in all and “ is Tecent the fixed position in government affairs respect.

“ swims cavalry ” arrives ” of “ a group army

Do government affairs service to differ with other enterprise, in the process that making government affairs service with the Tecent of be good at of mobile Internet thinking, the object produced very big switch. Wang Gang has body to realize quite to this, he is Tecent 3 phase in the development cent of government affairs domain.

When he just entered Tecent 2016, those who carry is “ Internet + ” , pass all trades and professions of Internet join government namely, solve sheet to select an issue, core is join and ode can.

The Tecent 3 years ago has not undertake constituent a framework to adjust, the train of thought of every branch and focal point are different. “ never sees a company has a lot of technologies, but do not know how to choose. ” then, they organized Wang Gang a conference that close the door, combed Tecent to be in at that time the frame —— of government affairs domain two before one hind, two before those who point to is Tecent touchs twice the most extensive amount to platform: Small letter of small letter and government affairs, a join is exterior user, user of interior of a join, serve as carrier to transfer technical capability government and business with Tecent cloud then. Standardize the technology next, form Internet + the plan of the opposite standardization that the times outputs external.

2017, they take over Wang Gang the task of digital Guangdong, the ——“ of the first problem that encounter what is digital government? ”

This looks nowadays the problem of answer of course is in at that time, to team of government affairs cloud cluster “ very catch mad ” . Wang Gang they according to government, enterprise and people 3 kinds of users are combed downward, build the application that an intensive turns to every kinds of user, let them can solve the problem of near 80% on this application.

“ is in Internet + with ‘ two before one hind ’ times, we still are enmeshed in Tecent how to use the thing to you, arrived the 2nd phase, all languages are governmental language, all technologies are supporting these professional work, we need a basis of the government appeal to beg will undertake organize and building pattern. ” Wang Gang says.

But arrived the 3rd phase, new challenge emerges, after “ number Guangdong has been built, governmental personnel goes looking around, appeal to beg more and more extend, exceeded the category of digital government greatly. ” accuses those who beg is patulous, also be one of reasons that project of WeCity future city is born.

Wang Gang very figure ground made the working state of different level the figure of speech: In the first phase, it is to swim cavalry, “ thorough enemy’s rear area, an isolated force fights, without backing, fight even below this kind of circumstance, and should call victorious battle. The 2nd phase begins ” the group fights. Arrived the 3rd phase, need pulls the capacity that uses in-house other department, become a group army to undertake fighting. Nowadays, the business of the ” of save trouble of another name for Guangdong Province of ——“ of government affairs system of digital Guangdong deals with a quantity to exceed 200 million.

Why be WeCity

Look in Wang Gang, of prospective city appear, because the government has a large number of demand,be, original digital Guangdong cannot satisfy this requirement, need makes new platform.

What is WeCity? “ a city is a product, the citizen is an user, join even if serve, data is competition ability. ” Wang Gang says, a city, all component digitlization, be together these data assembles, increase in-house efficiency and service capacity with Internet technology, platform makes in-house group, join increases outside service capacity, accumulate the data that come out to form closed circuit, ceaseless gradual progress.

The “ a group army that Wang Gang says fights ” , the foundation comes from Tecent the “930” organization last year is adjusted.

Adjust this, mean ToB business to make the main strategy way of Tecent, the Wang Jingtian that began to take over digital Guangdong 2017 has experience greatly to this, the heavy visual range that pair of BG business leave on “ entire company is spent unprecedented. ”

What what Wang Jingtian sees is, the constituent structure with original “ is combine according to the product, an important concept is according to business configuration makes combination after September 30, c carries business, B to carry business. “9·30” adjusts the main product that involves ToB business to be centered in CSIG, this kind of combination solved a lot of problems on constituent structure, but a lot of problems rely on CSIG only insufficient, a lot of ability still appeal to carry business at C. After ”“930, all dogface know, want join forces to do industrial Internet, form synergic concern. ” Wang Gang says. Pull nowadays using in-house resource is easier than in the past much.

“WeCity future city this concept is Tecent academy after the time that spends a few months studies what what concern Yu Zhihui city domestic and internationally to cite, give our proposal. ” Wang Jingtian says.

Wang Gang explains, what a meaning of We points to is tiny service group, get through government is the data between departmental door, shirt-sleeve social data, provide huge service and mobile and integrated entry. Tecent has his whole system and experience when the magnanimity that prop up is visited, put these experience in government affairs business directly, provide an omnibus entry, the user visits all tiny service group in an entrance.

What the 2nd meaning of We points to is to be built in all, share and treat in all, emphasize the linkage of citizen and city. For example the citizen sees on the road next wells are built, pat according to, send the picture directly through the small order above small letter, pass situation at the same time, the city runs a department or environmental sanitation branch receives information, the tiring-room processing correspondence of task odd deal out branch, arrive in half hour in a hour handle this issue.

It is Wang Jingtian or Wang Gang no matter, the rock-bottom —— that emphasizes Tecent ceaselessly is good at join and be being touched amount to, applying setting is the advantage of Tecent, tecent is visited in the magnanimity that prop up from time to tome oneself whole system and experience.

Ming Jun of Zhao of presiding framework division says wisdom town, be aimed at wisdom city, tecent designed the framework of “1+3+4” . “1” , it is cloud platform of the foundation. “3” , those who point to is upgrade 3 in stage, front is to face a client, back end is primary it is indeclinable. Of the frequent change to match front and back end changeless, offerred intermediate layer to come comfortable match downstage with tiring-room compound fast problem, the stage emphasizes the precipitation of ability in, transverse provide resource confluence, integrated data and application, offer downstage, in order to offer rapid change. What “4” points to is wisdom application serves 4 different fields, processing of digital government, city, city interconnection of decision-making, industry.

In WeCity project, tecent hopes can will rock-bottom technology is sufficient answer with, an entrance is solved. For the angle from the technology, weCity will compare digital Guangdong project more open, there is so much closed circuit on the technology.

In the respect of gain, wang Jingtian expresses, at present whole government business does not have level earn money put in the first, just regard wisdom as one of urban surveyor’s pole. “ Tecent begins to make government affairs service from 2017, we do not care about one city the gain and loss of one pool, value Tecent to invest the distant view target of the domain in the government more however. ”

Contest fast city infrastructure

As informatization infrastructure build, innovation is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, cloud computation and AI become the target that detain of tycoon of each old science and technology notes, and city, made a technology can the market of be born. Before Tecent, tycoon of science and technology is being entered in succession bureau.

2008, IBM advanced the idea of ” of “ wisdom earth first, drove the tide that wisdom city builds one round, gu Ge is in Toronto layout intelligent community solution, yamaxun’s AWS also offerred the solution of prospective city.

In the construction of these wisdom cities, the form of enterprise of science and technology of head thering is no lack of. Walk along the ceiling gradually in only place innovation when these enterprises when, integrated type innovation makes the strategic way of these enterprises.

Wu Gonghui of dean of academy of Chinese wisdom city ever expressed in be interviewed, chain of wisdom city industry is very long, the first kind is the passage that the Internet enterprise that is a delegate with BAT is making wisdom city build and entrance, the operation that will not become wisdom city probably to build square, the high-end; that holds ” of Qian Jing of the “ on industrial catenary is the 2nd kind to make wisdom city system compositive conformity serves, integrated individually board piece content; is the 3rd kind to make infrastructure construction, include the; such as fiber-optic, sensor the 4th kind is the construction that makes specific and perpendicular field and service.

On the construction of wisdom city, besides Tecent, in restful, Baidu, A, China for, these manufacturers such as violet light all have position according to oneself advantage, regard the strategy of the key as direction the construction of wisdom city.

For example, china it is key strategy direction to make wisdom city from 2015, experienced 3 level that wisdom city builds: ” of the one cloud of “ 2016, 2 nets, 3 platform, the “ 2017 makes a city neurological ” , release ” of system of “ city intelligence to 2018. Violet light announced to march in March last year communal cloud market, release ” of platform of operation of “ new city to be on the harbor that connect the cloud with the month line. Alibaba announced to build brain of Hangzhou city data 2016, will release urban cerebra in September last year 2 version.

Nevertheless the pain spot that to wisdom the city builds is maintaining Wang Jingtian to regain consciousness, “ is the biggest pain spot is setting problem, these setting problems do not have method promotion is improved between one night, we can choose crucial setting only, each is solved. ” in addition, tecent has technology of his content couplet net, and there are a lot of manufacturers in perceptive layer, tecent needs to seek an uniform Internet standard, join these manufacturer that feel a layer together.

Place of field of scene of king of no less than says, the builds a screw type to rise course of wisdom city. Each chain that builds in wisdom city at present and domain, application just starts, each manufacturer still is in innovation phase.

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