Sequential and serious: Controversial issue of day Han trade pounds market of global mobile phone

The report says, a few Zhou Qian, tokyo announces suddenly to restrict Korea company to buy the basic chemistry data that is used at making semiconductor, screen and memory chip, and these main component that are computer and smartphone.

SamSung and the DRAM memory that the Korea company such as Hailishi produces SK occupy the 70% above of global market share. This one measure or the birth that give DRAM memory and Korea economy itself cause Japanese government problem. Korea economy basically counts semiconductor sale, 1/4 what semiconductor exports the forehead to take Korea gross domestic product.


Each just predict, if these limitative measure of Japan last many months, that will cause annihilative consequence. Head Er government delegate is in last week explain on the press conference external say, “(restricts measure) will make big company and each whole world such as apple, Yamaxun, Dai Er, Suo Ni the consumer of billions of gets negative effect ” .

Reportorial introduction, japanese made the fluorine of about 90% changes the whole world get together acyl inferior amine and the fluorine of about 70% change hydrogen, these elements are the essential element of production semiconductor. Japan accuses to will make Korea enterprise searchs substitute when Tokyo stops to supply hard to the palm of these chemical.

According to economist of Oxford economy inquiry agency Lloyd · old (sound) the report that He Yongjing weighs a cane, although Korea company tries to find the other source that offer money, “ still can discover quality problem perhaps cannot be obtained possibly enough supply with fulfilling its produce order ” .

The report thinks, but to SamSung such tycoon, problem may more serious. Jiatena studies the United States the research report of market of company half-and-half conductor points out, “ is current the income of 88% comes from SamSung company the sale ” that relies on the memory that semiconductor produces.

All these make clear, samSung and Korea are other the company may be affected badly, this will bring about semiconductor to rise in price.

The report says, IHS Ma Ji is special company economist pulls Ji Fu · to compare this when gas is accepting American consumer news and commercial channel to interview, say, if Japan is long-term the exit that interrupts crucial chemical to Korea, that will cause the shortage that global chip and memory supply, thereby drive up the price of they and relevant product.

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