SamSung begins a quantity to produce the SSD that uses the 6th acting 256Gb 3-bit V-NAND to recall form


SamSung SSD

Some earlier moment SamSung announces formally, the hard disk that is based on memory of the 6th acting 256Gb 3-bit V-NAND is tasted newly had begun massive amount to produce. First product that uses new technology is the SATA SSD of 250GB, the V-NAND that its carry uses more than 100 stack, write and read take speed to part under 450 with 45 small seconds. With SamSung the SSD photograph of 90 pile was compared in the past, the product of new generation was strengthened on function 10% , at the same time power comsumption also was reduced 15% .

According to Introduction Samsung, of the generation on distance of the 6th acting V-NAND went newlier only 13 months, the quantity produced cycle to shorten of 4 months. ” the massive amount that realizing memory of most advanced 3D is postpartum, we can in time introduce can considerably the memory product of the hoist speed, level that omit report. ” development of product of SamSung electron solution carries out vice-president Kye Hyun Kyung so say. Besides, in press release final SamSung still discloses, they will be tasted newly in the 3-bit V-NAND SSD that second half of the year rolls out 512Gb this year and EUFS.

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