SA: Intelligence lives in the 3rd wave that prompts wireless family gradual progress

Intelligence is lived in

Strategy Analytics of famous survey firm (next weighing SA) released research report to say a few days ago, the whole world has equipment of WiFi of nearly 5 billion family expenses to be being used at present, this is driven by the successful place of WiFi technology. Equipment of household of intelligence of Xin Yibo WiFi will drive the whole world relevant family equipment achieved 17 billion 2023, consolidate wireless family regards the main technique at the beginning of 21 centuries as one of trends.

This report returns discovery, at present banner domestic WiFi standard is WiFi 5 (802.11ac) , occupy 2019 3/4 of equipment sales volume. New the brigadier of WiFi 6 mark that roll out is occupied 2023 1/3 of equipment sales volume, and hopeful in 21 centuries 20 time later period becomes dominant.

The intelligence that supports WiFi lives in equipment (mix like home appliance of intelligent sound box, intelligence, camera constant temperature implement) the 3rd wave that growth will make wireless family develop. This is to begin the facility of family expenses computation at the beginning of 21 centuries, after close therewith is intelligent TV facility. 2019, 29% what intelligent TV facility will take all domestic WiFi facility in using; But will be replaced by place of intelligent household equipment to 2020, will occupy the 60% above that use medium WiFi device finally.

 Equipment of household of SA couplet net studies chief inspector David Watkins expresses: Market of “ wireless family is perpetual gradual progress, this will satisfy the consumer demand of constant change and expectation. These year come, wiFi technology had gotten used to these requirements well, will become connective of prospective family Internet main platform. ”

 This report still pointed out manufacturer and the other issue that serve Lv of provider take an examination: Use to certain family exemple, does the risk that can 5G replace WiFi have how old? What equipment suffers an effect the biggest? Is WiFi 6 aberrant whether does enough satisfy data handling capacity, dependability and the requirement that use a sex easily? How does equipment manufacturer reveal the function with sale WiFi 6, increase sale and profit latent capacity with utmost? The sales volume of intelligent household equipment of which kinds of type is the largest?

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