Outside intermediary: Japan restricts exit to will help development of Chinese chip industry

As aggravate of the conflict between day Han Zhi, korea company searchs other area in succession replace raw material, chip business of China may become the among them person that gain profit, nevertheless, outside intermediary ” FinancialTimes ” think, chinese itself still has a few problems to must want to solve.

Because be opposite,the labor problem of period of World War II cannot gain consensus, japan implemented exit restriction to Korea, include fluorine of OLED video raw material to change get together acyl inferior agent of smooth block of raw material of amine, semiconductor and tall purity fluorine change the raw material such as hydrogen to be restricted, very big to be being hit Korea. Cannot amount to mark besides crop, also can hurt the export industry that is worth at high price to its, make Korea firm must get lost with Chinese deal, replace resource in order to obtain.


This develops chip industry to wanting all the time, the inning that changes new atmosphere also is the China that raises autonomy. Lyons negotiable securities (CLSA) analyst SanjeevRana expresses, to run a risk, the big company of Korea needs to find other area to supply raw material, this gave Chinese supplier a the main chance.

Personage of know the inside story discloses, the electron of SamSung of memory chip manufacturer with the greatest whole world also has begun to check what China makes to replace raw material.

Look for a long time, this may let Korea and Chinese relation become more close together, and China will be the person that be benefited exclusively.

However, chinese chip creates the problem that also has a lot of wanting that face. Although be no matter technology or it is dimensions development rate is very rapid, but the difference that photograph comparing still has the technology of Chinese chip manufacturer and United States, Korea and Taiwan a few years.

Strategy of American wisdom library and Louis of director of plan of policy of science and technology of international research center express, although pass investment of 40 years, at present China still cannot make advanced semiconductor, the semiconductor that China uses has 16% only is by this the country is produced, having half the number only more among them is by China the company is made.

Head the chip expert of Er also alludes, chinese company still cannot offer what be the same as quality with Japanese photograph to etch at present gas.

DanielKim of analyst of bank of texture of Australian wheat style expresses, half-and-half conductor company, fine rate is the most important, accordingly they won’t change easily the supplier of chemical raw material, want raw material to appear a little only fluctuant, the likelihood can be affected yield.

According to investigation of Lyons negotiable securities, besides semiconductor, the city that waits for component and material in electron of sex of mobile phone component, monitor, other spending occupies Japanese supplier rate is very high also.

” FinancialTimes ” point out, restricting chip raw material to export a likelihood is only begin, if Japan moves Korea from inside white list,divide, korea supplier will face more disaster. Japanese economy ministry is in the opinion of collect public, personage of know the inside story expresses, this country may announce final decision on August 2.

If really by from Bai Ming move among sheet except, the nucleus that Korea company must want to apply for to import 857 kinds of material one by one but card. Although Japan does not plan to be broken completely at present,offer, but the outside worries to come so very Korea may need to cost several months ability to import material, bring about crop to reach for should be affected.

Tall Cheng Ji is round beforehand appraise, korea must be met possibly intermit is imported from Japan most 97% raw material, total value is 52.2 billion dollar about.

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