New levy of commodity of round of 300 billion dollar will come, does illume industry affect geometry?

On August 2 before dawn, telangpu is pushed in its go up especially announce, the rest that will lose the United States to China on September 1 specified number of goods of 300 billion dollar is adscititious impose the custom duty of 10% . Nevertheless, telangpu expresses, still speak comprehensive trade agreement and Chinese proceed constructively, the future of Sino-US two countries will be very bright.

Before, the detailed list of levy of 300 billion dollar that the United States releases includes number of 3805 tax regulations in all, before was being covered 2 rounds of 34 billion dollar that already was added to impose custom duty, 16 billion dollar and the almost all product besides 200 billion dollar product. Be eliminated things of medical treatment of medicine of outer only drug, raw material, part, rare earth and crucial mine product.

According to author statistic, this round add the illume product that in asking for custom duty catalog, includes to exported the forehead to exceed 2 billion dollar to the United States 2018, occupy the 18.2%; that Chinese illume product exported total to the United States 2018 among them amount is the largest an encode that it is HS replaces illuminant for the LED of 85395000, to beautiful exit amount reached 1.768 billion dollar 2018.

Epicycle is specific add ask for custom duty circumstance to be as follows:



According to Reuter the report says, telangpu expresses, he still can raise tariff possibly further, exceed 25% even, this depends on the progress that negotiates with Chinese commerce. “ I think Chinese leader, he wants to come to an agreement, dan Tan leads the ground to say, his rate is not quite rapid, telangpu says ” so.

An official of the White House shows, american president Telangpu announces new custom duty move, recently in Sino-US two countries round of “ did not obtain the decision after negotiation of progress ” commerce ends almost. The result that Telangpu consults to this commerce is dissatisfactory, the decision continues to use force to China.

To this message, attending east the State Consul that alliance series minister of foreign affairs meets holds the response when Foreign Minister Wang Yi is accepting media to interview concurrently to say: Add imposing custom duty is not the accurate method that resolves classics trade friction absolutely!

Wisdom library expert of policy of international trade of international economy institute breaths out Petersen husband Ball (Gary Clyde Hufbauer) thinks, right now menace adds Telangpu ask for custom duty to have two causes, “ is to the United States the public makes clear, he is stronger than the the Democratic Party to Chinese manner; next, to will create the weight used on a balance of argy-bargy with Chinese negotiation in September. ”

The custom duty that basically is aimed at industrial product with before a few rounds is different, the custom duty of this 300 billion dollar will include a series of consumable, differ to dress from electronic product, mobile phone. Telangpu this character one, american stock market drops greatly immediately.

In light of the levy list that publishs according to Department of Commerce of the United States before this, this second be the electronic industry such as mobile phone and computer by the impact is the biggest, it is dress respectively next kind, toy, shoe kind wait.

This year on May 10, the custom duty that the United States transports China of 200 billion dollar beautiful goods from 10% on move to 25% , it is important to will be affected intermediate equipment and every day object of people of millions United States. Also will export an industry to bring far-reaching influence to China at the same time.

To illume industry, divide incandescent lamp kind illuminant (HS encode: 853922 and 853929 etc) replace kind of illuminant with LED (HS encode: Outside the product such as 85395000) , bencijia asked for custom duty detailed list to cover the product related major illume industry. The United States regards product of our country illume as destination of the biggest exit, add this proof custom duty is wider to incidence of Chinese lighting company.

Among them, in all product of 33 kinds of big illume is brought into to add solicit custom duty detailed account. Trade data shows, 75% what the exit specified number that is increased to collect product of custom duty illume occupies product of Chinese whole illume to export total about, ; of more than 30 billion dollar occupies product of Chinese whole illume to export the specified number to the United States to beautiful exit forehead among them nearly 80% , exceed 8 billion dollar. Visible, the United States is the main export country of product of illume of our country LED.

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