New 2020 IPhone quickens 5G tide, the apple contains 5G chip but period

5G smartphone process gets attention fully, 5G edition IPhone quickens 5G tide. Integral observation, next year is new 3 IPhone are expected to all support 5G, the apple buys facilities of Intel data engine, quicken an apple to contain chip of 5G base band, there was a result the most quickly 2022.


Smartphone development process suffers 5G edition fully the market is fixed eyes upon, report of legal person of beautiful department foreign capital anticipates, to 2020, smartphone shipment volume can go to global 5G edition 200 million, basically be China develops 5G process quickly, and apple (Apple) beforehand 3 new IPhone will support second half of the year of appraise next year 5G.

Zuo of Guo Ming of analyst of negotiable securities of day wind international is previous issue a report to anticipate, 3 new IPhone all will support next year second half of the year entirely 5G, basically be an apple buy and Intel (career of chip of Intel) base band group hind, can more resource can develop 5G edition IPhone.

Big plant of previous apple and chip is connected high (Qualcomm) reconciles, add Intel (Intel) exits chip of development 5G base band, also let market height expect IPhone of next year second half of the year will support 5G.

Legal person of beautiful department foreign capital points out, chinese China is (Huawei) and malic general become the two person be driven greatly that drive the whole world use 5G mobile phone.

Guo Ming Zuo anticipates, next year second half of the year supports the price of Android mobile phone of 5G edition, can fall to arrive to about 249 dollars 349 dollars. He is analysed, mobile phone of 5G edition Android supports Sub-6GHz frequency only paragraph, the key depends on consumer just can thinking to next year second half of the year 5G is necessary function, because of this price taller IPhone should support 5G, ability can strive for telegraphic battalion to carry business allowance and consumer buy intention.

Look into expression of shipment of 5G edition IPhone, legal person of beautiful department foreign capital anticipates, the apple will roll out IPhone of 3 5G edition in September 2020, the first year 5G edition IPhone is in appraise shipment volume of the United States is made an appointment with 2, 5 million, the 2nd year appraise can arrive 4, 6 million, look the 3rd year on shipment volume 7, 0.

From the point of spectrum norms, guo Ming Zuo reports beforehand appraise, next year second half of the year IPhone of edition of 3 new 5G, all support millimeter wave likely (MmWave) and Sub-6GHz frequency paragraph.

The analyst is evaluated, because the United States is home town market of the apple, adding skill of American mainstream 5G is MmWave, anticipate the apple rolls out the 5G edition IPhone that supports Sub-6GHz spectrum only unlikely.

If apply processor to look from conformity of chip of 5G base band, include the United States to be connected high (semiconductor of SamSung of division of hair of couplet of Taiwan of Qualcomm) , China, Korea (Samsung LSI) and Chinese Hua Weihai are thought of, be expected to become the person basically be competed for of smartphone of platform of work of 5G edition Android.

Supply catenary to look from Taiwan manufacturer, legal person of beautiful department foreign capital anticipates, division of hair of county of stage accumulating report, firm diligent, stage, couplet be expected to become 5G edition the beneficiary beneficiary of the smartphone.

The part is designed in malic chip, guo Ming Zuo beforehand appraise, the apple will be in 2022 or the chip of 5G base band that rolled out proper motion design 2023. Before this, the apple will use the chip of 5G base band that connects high, but the power amplifier that can use oneself or radio frequency design, the chip of 5G base band that figures this is to did not use this prepares.

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