Network of millimeter wave of first 5G of Gao Tongxuan cloth and Europe of Russia collaboration deploy!

Connect 14 days high to announce with Muscovite IT bureau, business of Russia shift operation, equipment and software provider cooperate, support autumn checks in Moscow this year and network of millimeter wave of first 5G of deploy Europe.

5G radical stands

As first 5G of European is new this year millimeter wave of eat dishes without rice or wine (N257 frequency paragraph) network deploy, muscovite this one project will support a series of tests that brand-new applying and business to use, from face demesne broadband of network of the buildup of network user firm and shift are wireless receive, to distinctive business solution.

Be worth what carry is, this one project aims to be this city open a series of endow with by 5G can brand-new the number serves and innovate (include virtual reality and enhance reality application) , afore-mentioned services and innovation will become the element with the most important space of Russia capital number. Accordingly, muscovite IT bureau is supporting Russia the preparation that wireless communication industry undertakes this second deploy works.

Muscovite government is coordinating ” of “5G test division to plan, the plan is in in the near future inside expand the network high street, railway station, the airport, mart, gymnasium even auditoria.

Connect business high to extend vice-president YuliaKlebanova to express, in N257 millimeter wave frequency paragraph deploy 5G network achieves supportive operation business very efficiently this one goal. We hand in hand manufacturer is secured to arrive from the smartphone wireless the extensive terminal that receives a point brings technology of 5G millimeter wave, this achieves this goal to Moscow crucial.

EduardLysenko of director of Muscovite IT bureau expresses, moscow will be in the city that autumn becomes the 5G pilot deploy that Russia supports business of all and telegraphic operation first times to have maturity this year. The 5G network deploy of especially big city accepts a lot of whole worlds the demand for service of business of operation of shift of be confined to reachs what what its need spectrum to be received. And us to quicken deploy of millimeter wave of high capacity 5G, already solved spectrum to receive an issue in national level.

Up to now, basically come from American operation business to what spectrum of 5G millimeter wave is interested quite. This frequency Duan Ke offers higher capacity and data rate, but the spectrum photograph that uses normally with the business of operation of intermediate frequency spectrum beyond the United States is more finite than covering range.

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