MLCC is fervent! The sun lures electric battalion to close soar, village cropland is reconstructive new plant

Although mobile phone sales volume decreases, but place of every mobile phone soars with MLCC amount, use requirement plus the car fervent, sun of big plant of MLCC of the 2nd quarter leads report amalgamative battalion closes relatively the corresponding period soared last year 15.2% to sixty-eight billion six hundred and thirty-five million yen, amalgamative seek profits cruel add 60.4% to 9.595 billion yen, amalgamative net profit soars 26.7% to 7.151 billion yen.


Look into future, the sun leads report beforehand appraise this money year (in April 2019 – in March 2020) amalgamative battalion closes will year add 5.7% to 2, 90 billion yen, amalgamative seek profits will grow 7.8% to 38 billion yen, amalgamative net profit will year add 5.5% to 25 billion yen.

The place of field of village of factory of a MLCC that make was announced a few days ago newest money signs up for first quarter. 2019 the sale of 4-6 month relatively the corresponding period increased last year 3.5% incorporate to; of 357.5 billion yen business interest year add 29.9% to pure profit of; of 62.6 billion yen year add 20.1% to 46.8 billion yen.

Yesterday (5) day, village cropland announces in press release of the place that make, because electronic machine is high-powered,change, car electron is changed, in driving MLCC, long-term demand looks add, be opposite to answer accordingly demand, increase production MLCC, the place of field of village of Iwami of subsidiary of production of the MLCC below the banner that make restricts investment 5 billion yen (include the charge) that acquires land, besides the manufacturing facilities that increases spread existing workshop, also will begin construction in August 2019 build new factory building of a MLCC, this new plant predicts to will be in finishing in May 2020.

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