Meaning law semiconductor extends order of MadeForSTM32 quality award

Meaning law semiconductor extends order of MadeForSTM32 quality award, strengthen ecosystem of STM32 small controller.
Meaning law semiconductor extends order of MadeForSTM32 quality award, strengthen ecosystem of STM32 small controller.

Meaning law semiconductor (ST) rolls out chapter of MadeForSTM32 quality award, with promoting STM32 the market appeal force with small controller familial product further. After passing examine and verify, ST develops the product of ecosystem partner to be able to obtain order of this one mark. The miniature that small controller is all sorts of intelligent artifacts ” cerebrum ” , the configuration that small controller applies an engineer to admire place of Lai Kaifa ecosystem to offer and development tool, use namely model software example, software library and circuit board, the archetypal development that helps their application that finish and quantity are produced.

To a lot of design personnel, to select small controller firm of collaboration with prospective case currently, the quality that develops ecosystem and efficiency are element of a serious consideration. Product of STM32 of meaning law semiconductor is familial had built a resourceful ecosystem, the significant software that provides an engineer to develop applied place to need on STM32 and evaluate board. Seek the long-term goal of optimal design program to help a client, meaning law semiconductor will roll out MadeForSTM32 quality to assure plan picture, execute evaluation attestation mechanism to the product of STM32 ecosystem partner, ensure all products in ecosystem had good quality.

Daniel Colonna of chief inspector of sale of ministry of career of small controller of meaning law semiconductor expresses, ” new the product quality that the delegate of MadeForSTM32 mark chapter that roll out writes us to take cooperative manufacturer ecosystem seriously very and efficiency, and the assessment that the client supports examine and verify, can offer reliable quality to assure for products plan personnel already, the ecosystem partner that also can be us brings additional value, for example, madeForSTM32 mark rule is used on the product that examine and verify carries and data, promote a brand consequence, increase a product to extend a scope. Still can know the evaluation outcome of our technology in addition, measure in order to aid at improving a product to pledge ceaselessly. Engineer and partner still can be benefited in plan picture from now on, ecosystem of collective stimulative STM32 grows quickly, ensure at the same time the product that supplies high quality. “

SEGGER EmbOS and real time operating system of RoweBots UNISON RTOS already passed test examine and verify now, those who become the first batch to obtain MadeForSTM32 attestation is embedded software. Other product still is at present in evaluation examine and verify. Dirk Akemann of manager of SEGGER partner sale expresses further, ” after adding ST partner plan, SEGGER takes an active part in the flow of examine and verify of MadeForSTM32, our EmbOS real time operating system is to hold an efficiency and the model that use a sex easily concurrently. EmbOS proved after obtaining MadeForSTM32 mark order real time operating system is first-rate with, can not have easily seam the ground compositive in the STM32Cube environment that enrages to tall person. “

RoweBots CEO and patriarch Kim Rowe express, ” STM32 product is being used all the time since RoweBots is long-term. Our UNISON RTOS is the software tool that one a complete set of can satisfy client requirement, although the STM32Cube developer resource of ST can be used freely, still can promote case to develop speed and accuracy, but if can be used with collocation of UNISON Software Expansion, can bring complementary advantage. “

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