MCU market second half of the year drops situation stop firm, rebounded 2020

Grind in moving orgnaization ICInsights to update a report in year, point out, because market of electronic system whole puts delay, car to buy an amount,drop and influence of Sino-US trade war, small controller (MCU) market lasted 2 years in the past after innovation is tall, this year first half of the year global sale year decrease about 13% , MCU unit shipment is measured year decrease 14% , annual will be atrophic 6% .

Today (15) day ICInsights beforehand appraise, along with MCU market stable evidence appears in this year, whole sells hopeful of second half of the year to break away from 2 digit per cent to glide, drop about when the end of the year 5.8% to 16.5 billion dollar (unit similarly hereinafter) volume of shipment of unit of MCU of; annual whole world drops 28.1 billion from last year reach 26.9 billion.


Anticipate further, MCU market will rebound moderately 2020, year grow 3.2% to reach 17.1 billion yuan, MCU shipment volume rises 7% above, achieve 28.9 billion new Gao Shuiping.

ICInsights reports data shows, 2018-2023 year MCU sale year compound increase rate (CAGR) is 3.9% , achieved 21.3 billion yuan 2023, volume of MCU unit shipment grows with 6.3% years of compound increase rate, amount to 38.2 billion.

Price respect, because of 32 yuan of product is intense compete, MCU average price (ASP) year after year is degressive, nevertheless, wait with electron, sensor along with content couplet net, car drive demand driving, add MCU product to develop promotion of mature, mass, ICInsights thinks, cheapen delay of hasten of extent general year after year.

Automobile industry still is current MCU is the biggest terminal market, the market anticipates the car uses MCU sale annual glides this year 5% reach 6.4 billion yuan, occupy integral MCU total sales 39% . Notable is, ICInsights thinks, about 9% cars will come from car couplet net with MCU sale.

Look into the city after the car uses MCU, ICInsights estimation, rise next year 1% reach 6.5 billion yuan, 2021-2023 year go up will go strong stage by stage, amounted to 8.1 billion yuan 2023.

IC designs Ling Tong to express yesterday, MCU product infiltrates successfully the mainland is dynamoelectric bicycle bid proposal, anticipate second half of the year increases progressively spread shipment amount, at present 2 class city begins preexistence mainland ferment, hopeful this regards the outstanding achievement of second half of the year that prop up as main kinetic energy.

In fact, taiwan MCU manufacturer includes at present new the Tang Dynasty, Cheng Qun, 9 neat, Ling Tong, loose writing hold water to all even more 10 years above, use product certification time because of the car nevertheless threshold of long, technology is high, most manufacturer still the consumption such as exert oneself small home appliance, toy product, and with 8 yuan give priority to, 32 yuan the product occupies battalion to close more except new Tang Wai 1 into less than.

Medium, long-term and character, the market basically values international IDM factory to expand appoint outside trend, if acting plant station accumulates brilliant circle,drive report, hind Duan Feng measures a factory to be like life light, Xin Quan, Beijing yuan the long-term partner outstanding achievement such as report is entered to the loop.

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