Make technology and cancer make a stand against with software and microelectronics


IsoPlexis is a life science that is located in administrative division of division of Kang Nie surname poineering company. Current, this company is made gave ” of tiny chip of a kind of “ , 42 kinds of protein that it can release in on 10 thousand cells certainly quickly, use software to undertake an analysis to relevant result next, decide what cell is the cell of “ preterhuman ” with the most powerful effect thereby, the biggest effectiveness can be developed in immune cure.

The chip of extraordinary

In biology, “ should understand integral situation, need to study thousands of cell. Fan Rong says the associated author of ”IsoPlexis.

Doctoral later stage is become in California technical institute, fan Rong and chemical professor Zhanmusi •R. Hope this (James R. Heath) work together, undertake potential science is developed. Hope this it is institute of American country cancer the director of center of cancer of biology of accept rice system.
After the Fan Rong that becomes associate professor of Yale biology medicine comes to city of button black article, encountered the Mackay of Xiao En • that just read MBA (Sean Mackay) . Mackay says he is seeking the partner of life science respect, because he sees, industry of inchoate life science produces main effect possibly to the person’s life.
When IsoPlexis holds water, be the period that tumor immunity cure develops quickly. This company was obtained invest with all possible means, include Chun Shan capital, Kangniedige foundation of research of innovation of small company of academy of national sanitation of innovation office, Yale, United States and other venture capital investment person.
This poineering company persuades his even potential client, it has an advantage more than having a technology. Associated author holds presiding apparitor Mackay concurrently to say: “ our target is not abolish has a technology absolutely, provide complement and help for it however. ” hopes this now is director of IsoPlexis scientific advisory committee, he says, the tiny chip of IsoPlexis used microelectronics to make a technology, can collect single cell in small indoor, rise each cellular segregation. One of main inventions of this company, it is miniature sensor detects fill up paratactic extruding to be in small small indoor, capacity of little small room rises for 1 accept only.
In the phase of notional test and verify of chip, should calculate artificially with the time of a week cellular amount and analytic data. IsoPlexis invited • of the gram in handkerchief spy Pajikefusiji (Patrick Paczkowski) regard its as software vice-president, commercialize the data processing of this company and translate into of biology information software full automaticly the product. Pajikefusiji and Mackay are same, be not one’s previous experience of biologic regular professional training, but the algorithm that he hopes it is better to can be created will undertake an analysis to the cell. Through the effort of these and other technology respect, the company completed IsoLight system, this system can finish the image processing of automation and data bulk to change an analysis inside a few hours.
This technology can apply in oncology not only. This company is based on the research key domain of father to begin the work, the research fund that because concern the capital of cancer research,compares other disease is more abundant. Mackay says, this technology can be used at research and disease of diagnostic oneself immunity, send lupus erythematosus of sexual sclerosis, systematization, Keluoen more for example disease and disease of silent of A Ci sea. In addition, the scientist still is considering to use this technology at contracting sexual disease (for example Lai Mu arthritis) immune cure and vaccinal development.
• of M.d. Michael Er installs Deliefu (Michael Andreeff) it is Dekesasi the professor of a genetics of center of cancer of university MD Anderson, he also is counting method of cell drifting type (a kind of one-celled measurement technique) precursory. He says IsoPlexis is “ an outstanding systematic ” , after still saying to use this kind of technology in his lab, he discovered the result of surprise of a few your people: “ is important is, isoPlexis system may forecast a patient check the reaction of bit of depressor to immunity quite.
Although this kind of processing is not revolutionary technology, intense husband says Dan Ande, if these results get affirming, (fall for standard of 10 minutes in full marks) IsoPlexis regards a research as the tool notch will be in 9 minutes of above. “ other technology cannot undertake such forecasting. He says ” . When be being asked about to have the financial equity of IsoPlexis, andeliefu says: “ I also hope to have.

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