Made of baked clay gram: Low silicon price brings about sales volume to glide 2019 the 2nd quarter reduces 30% annulus to compare compared to the same period reduce 20%

Germany covers with tiles gram chemistry published newspaper of money of 2019 the 2nd quarter recently.

The newspaper that occupy money shows, the profit before tile overcomes battalion of 2019 the 2nd quarter to close to reach amortize with tax interest depreciation compared to the same period double fall, sell gross earnings one billion two hundred and sixty-eight million five hundred thousand euro, compare the one billion three hundred and twenty-nine million nine hundred thousand euro of the 2nd quarter was reduced 2018 4.84% , the profit before tax interest depreciation and amortize (EBITDA) is 210.7 million euro, compare the 265 million euro of the 2nd quarter decreased 2018 19% .

Silicon brilliant

Total sales of business of polycrystalline silicon of 2019 the 2nd quarter is 169.9 million euro, compared to the same period the 242 million euro of 2018 the 2nd quarter decreased 30% , compare 2019 the 211.1 million euro first quarter, dropped the 2nd quarter is the EBITDA that 20%; tile overcomes polycrystalline silicon 5.7 million euro, compare the 2nd quarter was reduced 2018 85% . The 2019 EBITDA first quarter is – 35.8 million yuan, make up the deficits and get surpluses of the 2nd quarter, made of baked clay gram says, because optimize the result that improves with operation to producing flow,this is, besides, this still includes the imprest of 19 million euro that solar energy silicon expects business section is received among them.

Made of baked clay gram says, the fall of price of descendent silicon of critical factor whole, it is solar energy silicon not only price fall, still include a level at the same time of organic silicon price drop.

RudolfStaudigl of round presiding apparitor expresses Wakeji, the market situation of business of solar energy silicon is difficult still, silicon of solar energy class is average the price drops significantly, sale also glides under what brought about business battalion to close last year. Made of baked clay gram predicts EBITDA will be compared 2019 the 930 million euro of the corresponding period is low last year 10% to 20% , in view of global economy growth puts delay and market of Chinese solar energy to appear to anabiosis considerably, predicting annual EBITDA is in the inferior a side of this limits.

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