Light of stage accumulating report, life and grand sea throw chip actively hasten of place of heterogeneous and integrated general trends

Heterogeneous conformity is semiconductor industry outspread rub the Xin Xianxue of Er law. As Taiwan semiconductor industry group get together effect expands, light of stage accumulating report, life is cast dominate the line of business of science and technology such as He Honghai 3 tycoons, take the place of from brilliant circle respectively labour, semiconductor is sealed measure, labour of electric filial generation already the advantage is cut, grab feed business chance of heterogeneous chip conformity.




Among them, stage accumulating report relies on integrated fan to go out model (INFO) encloses a technology to take brunt client large sheet, battalion of business odd season closes to will exceed 100 million dollar very quickly related estimation.

Incorrect and single client and order buy judge all along of stage accumulating report. It is reported, stage accumulating report is heterogeneous and integrated order is the largest the client is an apple, stage accumulating report is heterogeneous craft of chip conformity technology, already drove ahead enter but odd chip of system of conformity of will heterogeneous chip (SoC) .

Industry is unscrambled, the stage accumulates the heterogeneous and integrated technology with electric superior resort, take next malic processor after large sheet, proleptic future still can guide the memory that updates generation, promote mobile phone chip bigger efficiency, write down new page for semiconductor technology.

Life light is current in station plant, have systematic level to enclose technical administrative levels the widest enclose a factory, cover FCBGA, FOCoS and 2.5D to enclose wait for nearly 10 kinds to enclose a technology, will different the chip that makes Cheng undertakes heterogeneous conformity becomes monocrystal, and the design capacity that has outfit of modular form form, let chip design personnel to be able to simplify design, shorten the product appears on the market time.

Life light expresses, business of more now chip and systematic factory use life light to offer systematic level to enclose platform, development is used at mobile phone, net to connect, the car carries, medical treatment, apparel a variety of products such as type device and home appliance.

Camp of day moon battalion carries Wu Tianyu expresses, the systematic level of life light encloses battalion to receive the past a few years to grow in order to count the speed of the dollar, also can be such in the near future. Life light invests in Taiwan besides raise the quota, also increase investment in Mexico, wait for chip client because of should including to be connected high namely driving to heterogeneous chip conformity demand.

Grand sea group is active layout semiconductor domain, raise of president Liu Wei discloses, semiconductor is decisive industry, grand sea group can be participated in certainly, but can be done with the method of innovation. As we have learned, grand sea group has systematic conformity to abound experience, tall to market acuity, also see AI and 5G generation, component of a lot of semiconductor needs to have the tendency of heterogeneous conformity.

Industry thinks, core of the dispatch below division of grand sea group – KY, will act a group to be in semiconductor is heterogeneous the forward key part of chip conformity. Group of previous letter sea is dispatch core training silently already, the grand below the banner vacates nicety to bought An Hua 2016 tall (fiber-optic model group is relevant below Avago) banner after the career, already expanded to dispatch core commentate give 100G light to send and receive modular group SiP to seal order of the labour that measure era, promote outstanding achievement of core raising question.

Semiconductor industry goes tens of year come, with rub Er law serves as reduce cost and power comsumption, promote the development of electric crystal efficiency main shaft. Rub Er law is the electric crystal amount that points to to be able to be accommodated on the circuit that amass put oneself in another’s position, every 18 months can increase one times. As make Cheng more and more accurate, rub Er law advances time to be faced with extend an issue, industry is passed through enclose, the means such as material and software, undertake heterogeneous conformity, lend this outspread chip sex valence comparing, enlarge application.

Heterogeneous conformity is to promote integral chip efficiency, different the course of action that the chip conformity that makes Cheng is together, measure a technology more act key of success or failure, wait for big plant of science and technology from sea of light of stage accumulating report, life, grand in light of vigorous investment, highlighting heterogeneous conformity already was hasten of general trends place.

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