Library gram warning is added ask for custom duty to will damage malic competition ability

On August 18 message, american president Donald Telangpu mixes · 18 days malic firm is chief · library overcomes Mu of apparitor the base of a fruit meet, library gram warning says to add ask for custom duty to will damage malic competition ability, make its be in adverse position in the competition with SamSung.


Telangpu expressed to the reporter that day, cooke is in and he in all when sup, right be about to of become effective new round of tariff was amounted to anxious. The China that the United States is about to approve pair of add up to to restrain 300 billion dollar from the cent since September 1 is defeated by beautiful commodity to add impose 10% custom duty.

Since September 1, the import tariff that produces the malic watch from China, AirPods and other fittings will be gone up to move 10%; to rise from December 15, produce the crucial product custom duty such as the malic IPhone from China, IPad and notebook computer to also will be gone up to move 10% .

Nevertheless, this round add ask for custom duty to be affected to main competitor SamSung of the apple not quite, because of SamSung besides production is set in China outside the factory, still set a plant in country and the area such as Korea mainland and Vietnam. And, the United States and Korea signed new free trade agreement last year.

Those who face Cooke is anxious, telangpu says: “ I think he (Cooke) the viewpoint is very convincing, so I am considering this issue. ”

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