Know the world of the vacuum robot of electric machinery drive

Become as the world more and more automation, building of cleanness of cleaner of use convention vertical feels suffering can’ts bear character. Since first vacuum robot appeared on the market 2002, the function of clean robot and usable options increase considerably. In fact, vacuums of a lot of high grade robot already entered the 6th era at present.

The element that urges this one change – no matter be figurative meaning or literal meaning – it is to make your contemporary vacuum robot sheds a parts of an apparatus that free runs – electric machinery drive. As assistant of today’s family expenses robot same, the dimension of electric drive narrows continuously, simultaneity also is rising.

In the article, my general reviews the main characteristic of vacuum robot and current trend, and how is electric machinery drive helped satisfy these requirements.

Look into future, predicting vacuum robot will become so not awakward (change character, direction of so not easy loss) and move faster. Design dimension also will continue to narrow, make they can the narrow place of ark of hutch of clean such as or and so on of low clearance furniture.

Vacuum robot designs a challenge

Battery life and dependability are the challenge of two big designs that vacuum robot faces. Most vacuum robot is batteries power supply, and from power source charge. The typical block diagram of vacuum robot is shown 1 times like the graph.

Know the world of the vacuum robot of electric machinery drive

Graph 1: The part of vacuum robot

Electric machinery is the main component of vacuum robot. How drive electric machinery and use why to plant life of battery of decision of electric machinery drive and dependability.

The main system module of the major power that allows us to review control vacuum robot to use up, place involves advocate electric machinery, and the systematic demand that drive of which kinds of electric machinery will control and reduces power comsumption certainly:

Of · vacuum robot advocate attraction is to pass to move in the 3 electric machinery to 4A to finish, have the peak value electricity that is as high as 8A normally. Efficiency and overall protection are crucial requirement. This electric machinery normally by without brush electric machinery drive to have drive, improve efficiency in order to reduce noise.

· two two-way annulus use have brush electric machinery drive. Inchoate model can move to a direction only, but two-way annulus the robot is locked up in solution or make its when the positional haul from difficulty very useful. These are low speed electric machinery, the typical root mean square of the <1A that take law (RMS) rated electric current. Compare with smooth ceramic tile or hardwood floor photograph, the torque with better need moves in the coarser floor type such as such as carpet. Another crucial requirement is monitoring output electric current, and if electric current lasts longer, criterion Xiang Wei controller (MCU) sends feedback, this may show vacuum robot gets stuck.

· advocate brush use those who be located in vacuum robot center to have brush electric machinery, use at churn and be being pulled to move the dirt on the floor. This is electric machinery of a middling speed, rated RMS electric current is 3A about.

· depends on the type of vacuum robot and brand, the likelihood has or two one-way side are brushed move with middling speed. These side are brushed the center that passes inward front robot rotates and go to bilge drive advocate brush on. <1A of rating of RMS electric current.

The most electric machinery that I allude is to have brush electric machinery, rating of RMS electric current differs to 3A from 1A,

Advanced in robot of a few acting vacuum, the induction of exterior electric current that crosses billabong resistor handles those who export electricity to monitor with the induction. These billabong resistor volume are large, the price is high, took up a large number of spaces on circuit board. The resistor of high cost billabong that ponderosity receives outside using also can increase power comsumption, the batteries that reduces a robot thereby uses time.

The graph shows the block diagram that is robot of inchoate generation vacuum 3 times, resistor flows to come partly outside DRV8870 need among them faradic, and exterior amplifier needs to send feedback to MCU. The circuit with this additional need board space, raise cost, increased wiring complexity and safeguard.

Replace DRV8870 for DRV8874 or DRV8876 need not inductive resistor and amplifier, because of voltaic induction feedback interiorly happens, if pursue,2 are shown.

Know the world of the vacuum robot of electric machinery drive

Graph 2: Drive two-way electric machinery, replace DRV8870 the give typical examples that is DRV8874 or DRV8876

The graph shows what shed resistor dimension to be divided between DRV8870 and DRV8876 3 times to reduce.

Know the world of the vacuum robot of electric machinery drive

Graph 3: DRV8870 sheds resistor dimension with the exterior cent of DRV8876

If electric machinery needs to be two-way model (if be in wheel or advocate the) in brushing electric machinery, criterion drive need is inputted twice (N1 and N2) , in order to use electric machinery of drive of two MCU pin.

Vacuum robot still has one-way side to brush. When using one-way drive, DRV8874 or DRV8876 need an input pin only (EN pin) , reduce MCU to cite a base thereby, if pursue,4 are shown.

Know the world of the vacuum robot of electric machinery drive

Graph 4: Use DRV8874 or DRV8876 drive are one-way electric machinery

DRV8874 and DRV8876 have a variety of advantages, can lengthen battery life and dependability. Induction of compositive electric current need not outside receive billabong resistor, saved cost of material and space, decreased to design workload significantly at the same time.

Of voltaic induction increase to also need not be used at feedback outside receive gain amplifier. The low Morpheus electric current of these parts of an apparatus and the battery life that without giant billabong block conduces to report reduce power comsumption and lengthening vacuum robot, and induction of in-house electric current can realize active stall monitoring, be in in order to decide whether electric machinery gets stuck a certain position, whether perhaps have wheel ageing or wear away. Want understanding to concern the more information of induction of in-house electric current and IPROPI, consult please technical documentation [1] .

DRV887x series has brush electric machinery to use Pin-2 pin RDS(on) to be able to expand model, can enclothe the electric current of wide range peak value that is as high as 10A. DRV8876 uses 3mm×3 Mm all directions compressed enclose without pin.

As vacuum robot practical increase, their power comsumption and the time that recharge needs also increase. Through adding compositive function, overall power comsumption is reduced while DRV8876 and DRV8874 are saving space and cost, conduce to the challenge that settles public utility to be faced with thereby.

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