Japanese semiconductor industry notes China in the detain below trade friction


Although American semiconductor tycoon begins afresh to China China distribute a product for technical Ministry of Supply, the nervous atmosphere of Sino-US attrition alleviates somewhat, most nevertheless viewpoint thinks, sino-US attrition changes inevitably trend for a long time. Here setting falls, japanese made the Ferrotec Holdings Corporation of semiconductor material and equipment component chooses to continue to face China to begin high level installation cost. This company thinks Sino-US attrition trend is changed for a long time also put in the possibility that makes driving force of revolution. Does a stratagem which ensures success of aggrandizement China business have how old?

“ tells the truth I feel Sino-US to attrition can go down continuously all the time. But good to benefit also existing for our company one side ” , the specification declares to be able to go up in the money May, he Xianhan of Ferrotec assistant president is full of self-confidence to the foreground of Chinese business.

Net of day classics Chinese reports, this kind of self-confident body plans in installation cost now in. This company plans 2019 money year (up to in March 2020) installation cost forehead increases compared to the same period 3 into, add to 48 billion yen, achieve the record of only year. Among them, the investment that faces China is occupied 96% , amount to 46 billion yen. Investment of the biggest brushstroke builds the manufacturing facility of circle of semiconductor material brilliant to be in Hangzhou factory. The 200 millimeter brilliant that plans to produce demand hopeful to grow at will beginning a quantity in January 2020 is round.

Although Sino-US attrition predicts to will go down continuously, ferrotec still continues to be opposite China investment, because this company thinks the action that produces semiconductor independently in Chinese home will be quickened,this is. What Ferrotec pays close attention to particularly is “ tradition semiconductor ”(is not most advanced semiconductor) domain. What traditional semiconductor points to is more backward than the most most advanced semiconductor the low semiconductor of 3 generation, use at home appliance to wait popularize a product. In addition still be applied at facial identifying chip, hopeful of demand of it is reported grows.

Compare with the most most advanced semiconductor, traditional semiconductor becomes American punish target not easily, china enlarges production probably currently. Up to self-sufficient rate was Chinese semiconductor 2018 15% the left and right sides. The plan rises to 2025 to 70% . Although got the influence of American punish, predicting China also comes to the equipment of use homeland make traditional semiconductor.

At present many Chinese semiconductor manufacturer is advancing the construction of traditional semiconductor plant to plan. If be used,homebred semiconductor makes equipment in, the demand that waits for the quartz that drives Ferrotec production and product of pottery and porcelain equipment component increases.

In the most most advanced semiconductor respect, when China has not enlarge interpose probably also in the United States, advance homebred change. The technology of storage length Xin below national policy support (CXMT) has begun to take action, the quantity that strives to realize semiconductor memory DRAM is produced. Come so, the brilliant circle of Ferrotec and equipment component clean demand hopeful to expand. Component cleans need metal to pollute the professional technology such as countermeasure, this company had held 6 become share in Chinese market.

Couplet of day of 3 water chestnut the long Guchuanyiren of negotiable securities expresses Magenshidanli, “ is in round domain of 200 millimeter brilliant, (Compare with local manufacturer photograph) Ferrotec has technical advantage, and had been built rose to sell network ” . Ferrotec is in up to 2021 money year (up to in March 2022) in metaphase management plan, put forward to want will amalgamative sale relatively 2018 money year rise 4 into, attain the scale of above of 125 billion yen.

Nevertheless, short-term the against the wind that will look to encounter Sino-US attrition inevitably. The semiconductor equipment that this company produces belongs to the United States to add with component ask for custom duty object. This will be become pull low 2019 money of this company year the main reason of amalgamative business profit

Additional, the market also is full of the metaphase target of great ambition to support distrustful attitude to Ferrotec. The closing quotation price June 26 is this company stock 774 yen, relatively raise metaphase target the last ten-day of a month dropped in May 7% . Phonic sound is anxious, extensive investment will be brought about indebted expand. Of 2018 money year end of this company have capital rate oneself for 30% , relatively 19 percent were reduced 3 years ago, because of this market be anxious very intense. Sound points out, “ hope can believe firmly can call in the stockjobber) inside capital ”(Japan. Turn Sino-US attrition into east wind as early as possible, the fructification that reaps large investment steadily is become give up the requirement that the market worries about.

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