Japan is constrictive to Han exit, however the chains that China of untie a person is

Suffer the United States to affect the Japan that block China is, below the setting of aggravate of issue of day Han trade, two big telecommunication of Japanese will restore sale China to be a product.

Han intermediary ” ZDNet Korea ” the report points out, japan exports limitation to Han Jiajiang, however gradually enterprise of China of untie a person, KDDI of Japanese telegraphic company, soft silver will restore sale China to be a smartphone.

China for

KDDI plan restores in 8 days China the sale that is P30 Lite. And the modest inside palace of official of soft silver-colored presiding operation also expresses on near future press conference, be about to restore sale China to be smartphone P30 Lite.

In fact, KDDI and soft silver ever planned to issued mobile phone of P30 Lite series in May, but because the United States is right China trade for limitation, what day itself is the United States is affined, also can defer only appear on the market plan. KDDI explains to this, china to promote a product security besides, also get cereal song software supports certainly, because this decision rolls out P30 Lite afresh,appear on the market plan.

Japanese enterprise already loosened the block of the look forward to in be opposite gradually. Japan from June Japan begins Yamaxun on frame China after be commodity, japan advances IIJ of card telecommunication company also peddles carry out China to be commodity afresh last month, include the new machine such as Lite 8 of P30, P30 Lite, flat.

” ZDNet Korea ” point out, japan peddles the P30 Lite series of carry out afresh, belong to China for newest admiral machine, this also represents Sino-US trade issue and do not have shake China to be the position in Japanese market.

But the sign that still partial telecommunication business did not peddle carry out China to be, NTT DoCoMo of another big telegraphic company was not released any peddle carry out China to be a message afresh, china park carry out position to still be in.

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