Is day Han taken each other close? Day intermediary: Just as well, japan can purchase semiconductor from China!

Japanese government announces last week will move Korea formally from August 28 a ” of “ white detailed list. The odd ” of “ Bai Ming that Korea president Wen Zaiyin also announces to want to kick Japan a Korea that day afternoon. Point out to this day of intermediary, this one plan of Korea is noisy to day umbra not quite, because Japan is OK,import semiconductor from Chinese Taiwan.


Japanese government carries ministerial decision 2 days morning, will move Korea formally from August 28 a ” of “ white detailed list. ” of detailed list of alleged “ white is the safe safeguard commerce that shows Japanese government is made friendly object country detailed list. When exporting high-tech product to these countries, japanese exporter can enjoy the formalities that simplifies relatively. That day afternoon, korea president Wen Zaiyin denounces Japanese this action is the decision ” with very harum-scarum “ , authorities also expresses to will be adopted make step instead, the odd ” of “ Bai Ming that announces to want to kick Japan a Korea.

Read according to Japan sell news 4 days the story, about Korea government statement wants Japan the be related of eliminate of odd ” of “ Bai Ming from Korea, personage of Japanese government concern expresses, “ won’t have ” of too big impact. In the imports and exports of day Han two countries, basically be Japanese exit raw material, import finished product from Korea. Although look eve also imports semiconductor from Korea originally, but personage of Japanese government concern points out, “ can be purchased from Chinese Taiwan (semiconductor) , the category that cannot replace does not have ” almost.

But after Korea is kicked to give ” of “ white detailed list, when Japanese enterprise exports the product Korea, besides food and lumber, the exit that the likelihood turns to wait for in principle of almost all project to need to obtain Japanese economy industry to save respectively with spare parts of the tool machine to martial utility, electron, carbon fiber is permitted.

Agrarian great of world of secretary of Japanese economy industry becomes 2 days of press conferences that hold after conference of member of the cabinet to go up to express to this, korea is moved to give white list just is to return with alliance of southeast Asia country (the environment with same country of ASEAN) etc Asia just. This is not contraband, in principle should undertake formalities, management can have export as before only.

In addition world agrarian great is become also claim, korea moves give white list to won’t affect the whole world to supply chain, also won’t bring bad influence to Japanese enterprise.

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