IOTA foundation and meaning law semiconductor quicken conformity of technology of content couplet net together

Meaning law semiconductor

IOTA foundation is a blame seeks profits organization, offer the first to be able to expand, nondestructive and completely dispersive distributed Zhang this technology, cooperating with meaning law semiconductor, those who establish a new level is powerful, without seam and the content couplet net with efficient economy receives a function.

The cornerstone of this collaboration is IOTA Tangle (a kind free place is bit righter technical solution) compositive expand to the STM32Cube of ST in software, the STM32 32 that this software uses at industry to precede MCU ecosystem X-CUBE-IOTA1.

This kind of relation will be proffer of ST user community couplet net is compositive function, make client can relaxed apace is individual or many equipment are founded and compose builds new content couplet network solution. Likewise important is, development staff can be being enjoyed develop a system through IOTA function, environment, the ability of product and service while the job, and Tangle is distributed, the dot that height can expand is mixed to dot network wait for powerful function without feeling structure.

“ expands through X-CUBE-IOTA1 software enables IOTA function for STM32Cube software technology, development staff can be easily now in equipment of network of its content couplet include IOTA character and function, use STM32 to open type to develop an environment to establish valuable applied program, this environment combined STM32 32 small controller series. Research of system of semiconductor of “ meaning law and applied vice-president Alessandro Cremonesi express.

Content couplet net increases model the solution will be the sources of energy, the crucial industry such as content shedding, offer include to pass feeling, power source management, the technology such as join and frequency. The development staff aux will be able to of use STM32 passes Bluetooth LE to wait with low cost quite embedded the technology is transmitted, buy and sell relevant data, offer simple, powerful solution.

IOTA foundation copartner manages chief inspector HolgerKöther say: “ is in as a result of professional hardware of market of content couplet net in producing main effect, with the partner such as ST collaboration can promote content couplet net to regard innovation as the action of promoter. ”IOTA foundation has the industry leader such as opportunity and ST to cooperate, cooperate through the technical company that precedes with the world, roll out the whole world first can expand, without feeling and completely dispersive DLT platform, expand we surmount the mission of area piece catenary thereby. ”


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