Innovation of efficiency of changeover of photoelectricity of solar battery of calcic titanium mine is tall

American country but lab of second birth the sources of energy (NREL, the plan of ” of highest efficiency of “ batteries lab that NationalRenewableEnergyLaboratory) replaced recently shows, the efficiency of solar battery of mine of odd form calcic titanium innovates again tall, achieve 25.2% , before comparing 24.2% rose 1% .

Learn periodical additionally according to division of American forward position ” Research ” newest on August 3 a released research makes clear as a result, halogenate lead calcium titanium mine surface and sulfate or phosphatic ion react translate into water not salt of oxygen of dissolve sex lead, can stabilize the surface of calcic titanium mine and lump material effectively. Layer of these plumbic oxygen salt that wrap Fu learn key through forming aggrandizement, enhance calcic titanium mine to be able to bear or endure filmily ability in swimming. This is the major breakthrough of calcic titanium mine in smooth stability respect.

Calcic titanium mine

In last few years, what calcic titanium mine becomes batteries of smooth hot season to consider is new bestow favor on, its are main the advantage is changeover efficiency latent capacity fast, batteries makes career of big, development craft simple, cost unifinication of low, building (BIPV) potential is great.

Arrive from 2009 2019 10 years short, the photoelectricity changeover efficiency of solar battery of calcic titanium mine is jumped from 3.8% litre to 25.2% . And American scientist discovered in newest research in November 2013, of solar battery of new-style calcium titanium change efficiency to may be as high as 50% , the upper limit of theory of brilliant silicon batteries with current outclass.

Calcic titanium mine batteries belongs to filmy batteries, but deposit is on glass, still can pass the ply that dominates each data and material to realize the diaphaneity of different level, color character, more facilitate with the building be in harmony is an organic whole, hopeful becomes the substitute that glass of coloured of adornment of wall of act of high buildings and large mansions, car sticks film to wait.

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