Industry of cell of our country power is being entered shuffle period

In recent years, development of industry of automobile of our country new energy resources is very rapid, had ranked produce and sale of car of global new energy resources 4 years continuously the biggest country, hold global market share to pass half. Car of new energy resources grows the supportive policy that overlay country develops to dynamical cell industry at full speed, the business of domestic power cell such as times of heart giving peace created an opportunity, make its fast grow for “ alone enterprise of horny animal ” , net profit grows into multiple. But, enter Chinese market afresh as business of cell of foreign capital power, and environment of ministry of substandard of fall off of allowance of car of new energy resources produces change, industry of cell of our country power is being entered shuffle period.

Dynamical cell policy is protected period end gradually

2015, china becomes the car of new energy resources with the oldest whole world to consume the market first, especially massive amount produces the passenger car of new energy resources with tremendous ecbolic allowance, for Han department 3 yuan of batteries bring unprecedented business chance. In 2016, ” of white list of batteries of one paper “ proclaimed Han department batteries goes out bureau, chinese government was rolled out in succession ” admittance of car of new energy resources is regular ” modification opinion, ” condition of standard of industry of car motivation accumulator ” company list, formed the fact of odd ” of Bai Ming of “ of dynamical cell business and governmental subsidy link up with accordingly. The odd ” of “ Bai Ming that includes 57 companies does not have business of an abroad battery. From 2016 the bottom comes 2017, the business of battery of car of new energy resources that 3 big Han tie battery business to be in China is immersed in backwater. This provided huge support with respect to the progress that gives homebred power cell the company, drove business of homebred power cell to develop quickly.

2017, ” application of promotion of car of new energy resources recommends model catalog ” appeared to deserve to hold foreign capital company in great quantities (company of blame batteries catalog) the announcement model of dynamical cell. So far, whether does dynamical cell business enter batteries catalog and whether obtain allowance of car of new energy resources to not was necessary to concern.

On May 22, 2018, in steam assist, combination of alliance of innovation of industry of cell of Chinese car power is fair show car motivation accumulator and industry of hydrogenous fuel cell Bai Ming is odd (the first batch of) , shenzhen tall division of a small room of Biyadi, country, country can lithium of the batteries, batteries that compare a gram, 100 million abb can, roc brightness 21 enterprises such as the sources of energy of Pride of the sources of energy, Beijing, heavy model are seleted. Among them, samSung link is new (Xi’an) limited company of cell of new energy resources of chemistry of happy gold of dynamical cell limited company, Nanjing, Beijing is electronic-controlled love considers limited company of science and technology 3 Korea enterprise is selected.

This year on Feburary 1, national hair changes appoint, Department of Commerce releases ” encourage a foreign trader to invest industrial list (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) ” in, dynamical cell is in awesomely row.

Afore-mentioned evidence are in make clear, the limitative doorsill of industry of cell of our country power is being broken stage by stage, the country produces the policy protection of the enterprise to had expired to domestic power cell, foreign capital enterprise will be in same competitive environment in in.

Stage a come back of foreign power cell

Department of research of Chinese chemistry and branch of application of cell of power of guild of physical power source (”) statistic data shows department of research of branch of application of cell of power of “ of the following abbreviation, installation amount of the batteries below the pine was 26160kWh April, the rank rises reach the 16th, the PHEV model that basically finishs for Feng Tianqi blocks Luo La and thunder approach form a complete set. In addition, the pine falls to still invest linkage day ala, direct hold its the share of 5% . Linkage day ala ascended first in April enterprise of TOP10 of body monthly installation amount, those who rank the 9th to supply is columnar batteries.

The summation of April integral installation amount below the pine achieved 98950kWh. This data, put in integral rank, be next to Ning Deshi acting, Biyadi, country is Xuan Gaoke, medium after boat lithium report, list the 5th. April, depending on to look forward to of new power car small roc car form a complete set, a domestic battery business that the name is linkage day ala, squeeze into before 10 echelon formation first with the installation amount of 1530 stage, 72828kWh.

2016, the pine fell to invest this company with respect to the strategy. Linkage day ala actually not unfamiliar, very clear even the “ below its and pine contacts ” cheek by jowl, small roc many in-house personage also confirms the car, what linkage day ala offers for its is the NCA cylinder below the pine actually electric core.

The reporter understands, besides through linkage Tian Yi gives small roc for goods, still fall through the banner below the pine in Hua Zi 3 foreign energy resources of company are one steam the batteries of joint-stock form a complete set such as Ford of cropland of abundant of Feng Tian, wide steam, Chang’an, model of form a complete set includes the PHEV model of Kaluola, Lei Ling, Mengdiou. Among them, go up in columnar batteries foundation in the batteries of form a complete set, increased quadrate cell newly still, its cheat what Dioudi offers for Chang’an Ford is its square batteries. March 2018, the car that Dalian is located in below the pine carries with plant of battery of quadrate lithium ion formal batch offers money. This plant investment makes an appointment with 50 billion yen (it is) of 2.96 billion yuan of RMBs about, produce can the requirement of form a complete set that can satisfy 200 thousand electric cars, basically supply quadrate power cell to North America and Chinese market.

On April 8, 2019, the enterprise of the 318th batch of motor vehicle that is versed in the website that believe a ministry is released and product announcement show, chongqing gold Kang Ruichi the card is pure electric car and card of Nuo of wind of east wind Reynolds are pure electric car row among them. Supplier of their dynamical cell monomer is SamSung respectively (Tianjin) cell limited company and Nanjing Le Jinhua learn limited company of cell of new energy resources. These two companies are Korea SamSung SDI and LG chemistry respectively the company is in China the joint ventures that establish.

Lie between when old later, han fastens dynamical cell tycoon to enter Chinese market again.

Multiple element is affecting an industry to shuffle

Dynamical cell applies branch to study ministry statistic data shows, cell of power of car of our country new energy resources installed machine gross to be 56.89GWh 2018, grow 56.88% compared to the same period. Installation amount of peaceful heart times resides head of a list of names posted up high with 23.43GWh, occupy than 41.19%; installation amount is Biyadi 11.43GWh row the 2nd, after occupying closer than a small room of 20.1%; Hefei country therewith, installation amount is 3.07GWh, occupy than 5.38% . 66.67% what the sum of installation amount of business of cell of before 3 power takes total installation amount, 82.87% of before 10 enterprises.

Arrived in April 2019, installation amount of cell of power of car of Chinese new energy resources is 5.41GWh about, grow 45.83% compared to the same period, annulus comparing grows 6.28% . Among them before 3 (Ning Deshi is acting 47.31% , Biyadi 30.93% , share of market of Gao Ke 5.2%) occupies Guo Xuan than for 83.44% , the industry is spent centrally rise further, ning Deshi takes the place of and market share of Biyadi has bigger promotion.

According to media coverage, measure of industry of domestic power cell was decreased suddenly 2018, from 2017 135 decrease reach 90. The personage inside course of study is analysed, as the market competitive aggravate and industrial catenary conformity are quickened, predict 2020, dynamical cell business will only the rest of 20 reach 30, the enterprise of 80% above will disappear. New foreign capital company is entered, or will accelerate this to shuffle speed.

According to the Ministry of finance, labour hair of ministry of letter ministry, science and technology, country changes appoint release jointly ” the announcement that uses finance allowance policy about perfecting car of new energy resources to popularize further ” , subsidy level was in 2019 2018 on the foundation average fall off 50% , to the fall off before the bottom reached the designated position 2020.

As the doorsill cancel gradually and of allowance of car of new energy resources exit further, the inferior position that tycoon of day Han batteries gets on in cost no longer remarkable, there is an advantage more on the technology instead, will accelerate its to be opposite the layout of Chinese market, business of native land to China battery creates enormous challenge and pressure.

To structure of dynamical cell market, dynamical cell applies branch secretary-general Zhang Yu to think, future arrives two years 3 years, market of cell of our country power competes all the more intense, the industry spends will farther promotion centrally. Below the big trend that accelerates in allowance fall off, ning Deshi takes the place of and market share still meets Biyadi continue to expand. Competition of low end of product fixed position, price is intense, receivable Zhang money tall look forward to, produce can utilization rate is not worth badly, will bring about small business by annex or the awkward situation that are immersed in the brim to change.

The country is dynamoelectric by alliance of innovation of the technology that use a car Wang Binggang of technical committee chairman expresses to the reporter, compare with photograph of tycoon of cell of day Han power, the enterprise of be among the best of candidates of industry of cell of our country power has lain on the technology same class. But, compare with posture of day Han industry, the enterprise besides the first echelon formation still has industry of domestic power cell difference. Whether can industry of cell of power of “ future our country appear an oligarch effect bad still to say, but, because dynamical cell industry pays attention to ability of research and development, and ability of small company research and development does not follow to go up, and dynamical cell is very tall to demand of consistency, stability, small company also does not have an advantage on cost, will be abandoned by the market gradually in competition. ”

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