IHS Markit releases 5G chip to tear open solution report: Connect high in enclose dimension and all can precede on effect

(graph from: IHS Markit, via VentureBeat)

(graph from: IHS Markit, via VentureBeat)

China the IFixit that is Mate 20X tears open solution to make clear, the chip that place of machine of intelligence of first 5G of this company uses, in dimension and the distance with still can have certain with tall Tong Xiaolong on effect. This is explicit in a report that issues now, IHS Markit also gave out result of their the analysis that tear open solution to machine of intelligence of 6 inchoate 5G.

This second tear open solution to enclosed the respect such as design of dimension, system and memory to undertake thinking integratedly from chip, obtained a few interesting discovery. For instance China to gave out the market solution of relatively small effect, bring about equipment bodily form to meet slightly a few bigger, cost slightly tall, and can effect slightly low.

To roll out machine of first 5G intelligence, china to chose kylin 980 SoC and modem of Ba Long 5000 5G, latter also is solution of base band of 5G / 4G / 3G / 2G of first commercial much model.

Theoretic tell, the base band of Mate 20X should be tasted than contest of inchoate brave dragon should have an advantage more. However IHS points out, because kylin 980 SoC is medium already compositive base band of 4G / 3G / 2G, the beneficial result that base band of 5G much model registers outside is not tall.

To the airframe interior space with valuable space, this part “ was not used and needless ” , apprentice adds cost, power consumption and PCB to take up area. The proposal of IHS is, if sequel China becomes lesser SoC to can be changed, that is more appropriate.

In addition, china head the base band chip of machine of paragraph 5G intelligence, its enclose dimension X50 of taller Tong Xiaolong is big 50% the left and right sides. Although took out 3GB RAM to do cache, but lacked pair of 5G millimeter wave frequency paragraph support.

Wayne Lam of IHS chief analyst says when VentureBeat of the intermediary outside accepting interviews: “ photograph is compared under, of base band of SamSung Exynos 5100 enclose dimension and X50 of tall Tong Xiaolong almost identical ” .

Look into future, big plant of newsletter of IHS predicting industry can try hard 5G Modem compositive to smartphone SoC interior, this wants probably when ability was finished 2020.

To cut down at the same time the specific power consumption of relevant component is mixed cost, the manufacturer may choose to contain the component such as RAM cache and chip of power source government go in, for instance couplet hair division has announced to want to released such an equipment chip 2020.

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