Hua Weixin piece familial add fierce will, indication chip ” Hong Gu ” Yu Rongyao wisdom screen head is sent

On July 26 morning, congress of Internet of shift of 2019 whole worlds (GMIC) is in Guangzhou wide hand in can hold, honorable president Zhao Ming suffers invite publish theme of ” of “ strength of character is tested in a crisis to make a speech. The spot shares concept of ” of science and technology of honorable “ acute, announce honorable wisdom screen will use Hai Saihong to target swan 818 wisdom chip is mixed litre fall type AI wisdom is photographed like the head two Xiang Rui science and technology.


Hong Gu


” of “ Hong Gu becomes afterwards kylin, Ba Long, roc, to vacate, Tian Gang later, the sea considers chip familial the newest member that has animal of god of hill sea classics to name. According to collect small network understands, grand targets swan 818 wisdom chip uses double A73+ double A53 framework of 4 nucleuses CPU and 4*Mail-G51 framework of 4 nucleuses GPU, driving operation ability lets it run a respect to be able to precede the industry exceeds 50% on average in much task. Carry multiple and algorithmic application and qualitative technology of 7 big advanced pictures to add held blackart to draw qualitative engine, can promote a picture show substantially. At the same time compositive and particular Histen acoustic quality optimizes a technology, can let wisdom screen continue to create an user to learn an advantage below oneself hardware advantage.


Hong Gu


Target swan to this second grand of 818 wisdom chip roll out, zhao Ming is mentioned in the speech, grand targets swan 818 wisdom chip thinks of newest admiral core as the sea, can provide superexcellent support for honorable wisdom screen not only, also will aid force to accelerate TV industry development.

Outside dividing chip of embarking grand swan, honorable wisdom screen embarked to have NPU capacity litre fall type AI wisdom is photographed like the head, this is absolutely to big screen product it is rare. To this Zhao Ming states screen of “ honor wisdom gathered together the acute science and technology of multinomial honor, besides grand swan chip, still have NPU chip, with the WIFI chip of admiral class, 3 core cooperate with, regular meeting gives you more wisdom imagination “


Honor is released


In the meantime, zhao Ming spot announced honorable wisdom screen to will appear in August China for developer congress, be in now (on July 26) of screen of wisdom of formal open honor make an appointment.

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