Hua Weihong cheats systematic head to send equipment exposure! Not be a mobile phone

Hua Weihong covers a system by exposure later, on what equipment can be the unconscious system of sound —— grand that industry transmits used above all?

Hua Weihong is unconscious

Before this, we more guessing for the mobile phone. Even still the message says, hong Meng OS has been been based on China did for Mate30 miniature inside measure, and still the person that have a test explodes expected a few detail that test a system.

Nevertheless, on July 25, china the summary that released Ren Zhengfei to accepted Italian media to interview on July 18 for aspirations community. Refer grand covers an operating system, ren Zhengfei expresses, hong Meng is used above all go up in big screen of 8K of watch, intelligence and car couplet net, on the system that install eminent, still await Gu Ge to obtain the United States to examine and approve.

Media asks: What application field will the Hong Meng operating system with new “ have? We think use on the mobile phone, say net of the couplet that it is content is designed later. Whether does the operating system have a replacement scheme to Anzhuo? ”

To this Ren Zhengfei expresses, the biggest characteristic of Hong Meng operating system is low when delay, it and An Zhuo, IOS is different operating system. The original intention that develops a design is to be used at content couplet net, for instance industry is controlled, nobody drive …… will prop up use, use above all now go up in big screen of 8K of watch, intelligence, on car couplet net.

“ is on the system that install eminent, we still await Gu Ge to obtain the United States to examine and approve, the influence ” of the zoology that still is esteem and user cereal song and technology.

Ren Zhengfei still expresses, hua Weixi hopes to continue to use the mobile phone operating system with public and open whole world and zoology, but if the United States restricts us to use, we also can develop our operating system. The operating system is the most crucial is to build modes of life and relation to their environment, build favorable modes of life and relation to their environment to need afresh two, the time that influences 3 years.

Basis China is the introduction before the government, get through of grand unconscious system mobile phone, computer, car, intelligence can apparel wait for many domains, if installs eminent to apply on Hong Meng’s foundation to be compiled afresh, fluent degree can promote considerably, this also is meant, the card of the system that install eminent pauses problem, cheat the meeting on the system to get settlement in grand probably.

Before this, french media is opposite open China in holding the post of what be not to interview for CEO, he expresses, unconscious system of report indication grand is faster than An Zhuo 60% .

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