House car also can drive automatically tesla pushs Tesla Semi

The intermediary outside occupying reports, tesla plan rolled out “TeslaSemi” to drive automatically 2020 lorry. Besides freightage, certain company thought of other feasible application, teslaSemi is for instance dynamoelectric house car.


House car often lets a person associate to freedom, a lot of people hope to regard his home as car, can at any time start off, also but “ is taking away a ” . To global user, this concept is very charming. Nature of dynamoelectric house car also is a very absorbing concept, can reach house car promotion probably brand-new height. Groovy house car is ” of “ oily tiger normally, if car look forward to can offer car of pure dynamoelectric house, or the use cost that will reduce car, reduce the pollution of this kind of car to the environment.

Will tell from the angle that use a car, dynamoelectric house car spends promotion with car freedom. If add boat capacity is sufficient, the user can drive by day, arrive in the evening have charge the place berth of equipment is enough n. If need the overhaul, car advocate also can do in the late evening calm. Current, much home company wants p reaper ground to march this domain.

Company of car of house of a Germany released full measure car of prototype of dynamoelectric house car, the United States house car company also released Wennibage platform of a pure dynamoelectric RV, but two companies do not have enough and excellent electric drive system at present. And TeslaSemi reachs functional sex side in add boat very outstanding, can serve as probably long-distance the platform of car of pure dynamoelectric house.

House car designs company Vanlifer to think, teslaSemi hopeful becomes platform of outstanding dynamoelectric house car. Tesla acceptance TeslaSemi can save 200 thousand dollar for the user inside two years, number of course of development of its add boat also is as high as 500 miles (be fully loaded with condition) . car of this pair of dynamoelectric houses, be ideal undoubtedly anthology. The user is OK exercise very Sunday run, and the issue that won’t be put in freeboard oily bad news. Vanlifer uses TeslaSemi to regard the design of dynamoelectric house car as the foundation.

It is reported, the interior of notional car TeslaSemi-Home that Vanlifer designs has 6 bed, configured room of high end of etc of complete set kitchen, sitting room, toilet the other and luxurious configuration that car and bivouac car place cover. Vanlifer emphasizes, the TeslaSemi(house car that this add boat is 500 miles) price is 180 thousand dollar (add up to a RMB about 1.24 million yuan of) , look from the price of car of house of large and luxurious edition, such price does not calculate actually expensive. Of course, this price has not calculated the value of a replacement of other house car inside. Vanlifer points out, of Autopilot system and even future drive completely automatically the dominant position of one big competition that the function can become TeslaSemi to change paragraph house car probably. The driver can put more time in appreciation on the way on scene, and need not be anxious to drive the task.

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