Hong Meng + grind oneself chip Zhao Ming says wisdom screen wants to let TV industry return to value

On August 10, the outside expects long already honorable wisdom screen is released formally. This is to embark China the first terminal product that to grind oneself grand covers OS, also be strategy of wisdom of Hua Weiquan setting at the same time is important one annulus.

Honorable president Zhao Ming is accepting sina when interviewing, express science and technology, wisdom screen product and system can upgrade further and iteration, future also mixes get through mobile phone, flat, PC between wisdom screen interactive. Before the sales volume of “ wisdom screen can exceed this certainly all anticipation. ” Zhao Ming says.

Compare sales volume nevertheless, zhao Mingjiang is moved more it is wisdom screen the meaning to traditional TV industry. Look in him, traditional TV industry is taken to slant by price war, petty gain was become the biggest sell a site, but the function that a lot of users need and experience are short of break. And the appearance that honor hopes reductive industry is due, focusing product innovation and user experience, bring value regression to TV industry.

Wisdom screen

Have with traditional TV why to differ?

This the hotspot with wisdom the biggest screen was to embark undoubtedly China cheat OS for the grand that grinds oneself.

Basis China is the description of Yu Chengdong of consumer business CEO, this system is OK a series of terminal such as sound box of engine of get through mobile phone, flat, PC, car, TV, intelligence, be in at the same time of application development convenient the respect such as the security of gender, system is more exceedingly good than other operating system. As a result of China whether can still continue to use An Zhuo system to had not decided for the mobile phone, because of this this one system most first be born arrives on wisdom screen.

Zhao Ming expresses, add in what grand of distributed operating system cheats OS hold below, the interactive meeting be in harmony between mobile phone and wisdom screen is an organic whole, OK a screen that used Hong Meng, photograph the peripheral that regards future as the mobile phone like the head to use. And the iteration as wisdom screen product and Hong Meng OS, future can achieve mobile phone, flat, PC and wisdom hold even between these 4 screen without seam switch.

On zoology of big screen of Hong Meng OS, zhao Ming introduces, at present the application of wisdom screen basically includes video platform, music platform, future can continue introduce the education, application that gives the setting such as travel. “ this is progressively and compositive the process ” that rise, zhao Ming says, honorable group returns need and the firm that provide applied service to cooperate, the adjustment that does development to go up with comfortable match He Dabing of Hong Meng OS to apply.

Besides Hong Meng OS, honorable wisdom screen still used 3 China to grind oneself chip: Hong Gu 818 indication chip, the sea thinks of Hi103WiFi chip and sea to consider Hi3516DV300NPU chip. On the foundation of 4K screen, the 7 big algorithm such as the MEMC that grand targets swan 818 indication chip draw qualitative engine through blackart, HDR, SR promote a picture to pledge; sea thinks of Hi1103WI-FI chip to support 160MHz bandwidth, supported 2.4G/5GHzWI-FI Shuang Pin to actor chooses; and deploy the sea to consider Hi3516DV300NPU chip litre fall type AI is photographed like the head, can have a person facial identifying, figure dogs, the pose detects ability waiting for AI.

Zhao Ming Yisheng falls type AI photographs citing resembling a head to say, future meets honor to use software iteration to dig its core ability on the foundation of hardware. Detect in the pose for instance below ability, of domestic setting exercise traceability of figure of can more convenient; under, parents can realize long-range monitoring child and old person to be in the circumstance; of the sitting room even wisdom screen future still can use the office the setting such as long-range conference.

“ the future that it is TV, it is traditional TV the product of the milepost type to prospective gradual progress. Summary of ” Zhao Ming says.

Innovate to focusing from price war

Grind oneself in Hong Meng OS+ chip, and switch machine does not have advertisement to wait sell a site under, honorable two research and development 4-5 year long wisdom screen product parts price mixes 4799 yuan 3799 yuan.

To price issue, zhao Ming explanation says, the original intention that honor makes wisdom screen is to be able to give consumer to bring what kind of use value. Hope to be able to let a youth accept already on the price, can allow this price again paragraph the product that be being designed and has made on configuration, can invest future on research and development again at the same time.

The price that “ fixes a price this to had guessed than the outside is a lot of lower. ” Zhaoming says frankly, traditional TV industry is taken to slant was immersed in price war, petty gain was become the biggest sell a site, but the function that a lot of users need and experience are done not have. And the appearance that honor hopes reductive industry is due, focusing product innovation and user experience. “ price does not have a doorsill, we hope the value that brings TV industry is returned to. ”

It is under price war, chinese TV industry is faced with growth bottleneck really.

Push total data according to Zhong Yikang, market of color television of 1-5 month China is retail 2019 the volume drops compared to the same period 4.2% , turnover drops compared to the same period 13.6% . Accumulative total of 1-5 month market all value is only 2986 yuan, had been not worth Ao Weiyun net of 3000 yuan of; to also predict, market of annual China color television is retail 2019 measure 46.96 million, drop compared to the same period 1.6% , turnover 136.9 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 8.1% .

Zhao Ming says, the wisdom screen that honor rolls out today, the hope is a surveyor’s pole to the industry. The competitive focusing that lets TV industry future the innovation at the product, focusing brings an user real use value and experience value at the product.

We never think “ all users accept such concept at the beginning, not all also manufacturer and brand are approbated. ” he says frankly, before Dan Rongyao has the sales volume of confidence wisdom screen to exceed this all anticipation.

He still discloses, besides two when release this 55 inches products, honorable future also can roll out the wisdom screen product of more dimension. In the meantime, after burnish good home market, also can consider to enter overseas market in equal opportunity.

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