Hailishi plans SK next year the quantity produces freeboard fast DRAM, can use at AI to mix super- calculate

SK Hailishi gives out HBM2EDRAM at announcing on August 12, this is semiconductor of memory of a kind of tall bandwidth, can use at artificial intelligence (AI) equipment and super computer.

This company shows, its are new chip has the rate with the rapiddest industry. HBM2E supports the bandwidth that exceeds every second 460GB, the 3.6Gbps speed performance that is based on every to cite a base and 1, 024 data I/O, the HBM2DRAM tower above that before this compares this company one year, develops 50% .

SK Hailishi

It is by December 2013 when, hailishi developed SK first HBM(of world with DRAM of 4 paragraphs of accumulation is tall bandwidth memory) .

As we have learned, hailishitong uses SK too “ wears technology of silicon via ”(TSV) perpendicular pile 8 16Gb chip, development goes 16GB memory to enclose. SK Hailishi will produce new chip at beginning batch 2020. New memory product basically is used at needing the graphic card of high speed, high-powered memory, super computer, AI and server.

Hailishi plans SK lead position is in in leaving market of generation memory semiconductor by right of HBM2EDRAM. Its the DRAM sale of the 2nd quarter is 4.26 billion dollar, 28.7% what take global market.

Since “ released HBMDRAM of global head money 2013 oneself, SK Hailishi is dominant market with technical competition ability all the time, ” is in charge of the JeonJun-hyun of strategy of business of this company HBM expressing, we will begin “ next year batch produces HBM2E, will continue to strengthen us in the market technical advantage. ”

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