Does Diodes roll out driver of new fund LED? Simplify design of illume of ministry of car inside and outside

LED driver

(picture origin: Diodes official net)


The intermediary outside occupying reports, diodes rolled out AL8860Q of driver of two cars LED and AL8861Q. These two driver agile, function powerful, design is contracted, apply to illume of ministry of car inside and outside to apply, for example fog lamp, sidelights, taillight and door lamp.

AL8860Q and limits of AL8861Q job voltage arrive for 4.5V 40V, can bear laden light incident, can be in open the low starting voltage that stays applied course to fall to move normally. These two driver use control of arrearage mode step-down, simplify feedback loop design, only 4 exterior component, stability is accordingly tall. In addition, use as a result of these two equipment compositive advocate power source MOSFET, and have be as high as 1MHz but frequency of process designing switch, need to use small-sized output inductor only, accordingly, design personnel can save space and electronic stuff.

These two equipment can be mixed according to power supply voltage exterior component, use drive of 1.5A power source the load of highest 40W. In addition, these two driver all support 0.3V to move smooth function to 2.5V imitate, and 1% move smooth function to the high accuracy PWM of 100% , offer a variety of automatic or control a function by the brightness of user adjustment. Because its have flexibility, because this can be used at car inside and outside all sorts of application, allow stylist to use same drive to found types of a variety of lamps and lanterns, improve efficiency, simplify storage facility located at processing plant puts government.

These two equipment are had comprehensive inside buy protects a function, include short circuit and protection of open circuit LED, and overheat is shut wait for a function, ensure dependability and security. In addition, AL8861Q still has voltaic induction resistor and function of short circuit protection.

Two driver all use MSOP-8EP of high power density to enclose, accuse cotter through, undertake imitate and PWM move light. Should accuse cotter to have imitate to move smooth function, use a capacitor to be able to be used at delay of LED electric current to start only. AL8860Q and AL8861Q accord with car standard, and support PPAP documentation. In addition, AL8860Q and AL8861Q still accord with standard of AEC-Q100 Grade 1.

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