Cooke: 5G is in inchoate phase, lineup of existing to the apple product is quite satisfactory

Gram of malic CEO library signs up for analyst of the answer on telephone conference to be opposite about we expressing when the query of market of Chinese 5G mobile phone in money of the 3rd season prospective product does not make an assessment, respecting 5G, a lot of people can tell you, we still are in very inchoate phase, the 5G inside global limits still is in earlier phases, we are well-content to current product battle array, to the supply of hardware and software catenary feels excited.


Before this, malic company and Intel announce jointly, both sides is reached already formally buy an agreement, the apple will buy the majority of business of Intel smartphone base band, trade this value 1 billion dollar. Cooke commented on this to trade on telephone conference, emphasized trading the profit that dimensions and it brings to the apple.

Cooke says, the apple trades this regard as to accelerate prospective product to develop, have and control a of ” of main technique of “ of malic product backside superexcellent opportunity. He also confirms, this trades make wireless technology of the apple patent combination exceeded 17 thousand.

Zuo of well-known analyst Guo Ming released a report to say recently, 3 IPhone that malic next year rolls out will support 5G entirely, but can use the base band that connects high as before.

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