Construction of ” of editorial office of artificial intelligence of ” of collaboration of flying strategy of big question of CCTV net and division is carried fast

Recently, autograph of collaboration of flying strategy of big question of CCTV net and division makes an appointment with a ceremony to be held in Beijing. This is CCTV net fulfils one of significant move of ” of editorial office of artificial intelligence of “ of layout of strategy of “5G+4K+AI” of total stage of central broadcasting television, construction. According to strategic cooperation agreement, both sides general around confluence of intelligent hardware terminal, media intelligent application and perpendicular domain intelligence are changed, make solution of intelligent media soft hardware jointly, use AI capacity CCTV network in each media setting.


Be in early this year in May, big question of CCTV net and division flew to reach collaboration of terminal of intelligence of media of be in harmony, make product of terminal of intelligence of media of be in harmony jointly: Edition of youth of jotter of dispatch flying intelligence. Media of this one “ + the artificial intelligence terminal of AI” will become CCTV net to wait for the another intelligence terminal besides much terminal in PC, mobile, IPTV, OTT hardware enters the mouth, realize confluence of mainstream media content and deepness of AI intelligence equipment, of the oldest rate let high grade content touch amount to more user.

Colourful of CCTV network president, general manager money makes an appointment with ceremonially to express in the autograph, the new starting point that total stage of station centrally broadcasting television grows, extensive network of CCTV net and center, international is online wait for total stage “ new media of 3 nets ” is close together cooperation, build ” of editorial office of “ artificial intelligence jointly, it is characteristic with seeing and hearing, undertake to the advantage resource of total stage intelligence changes development, be dedicated to making provide total stage “ alone wisdom the innovation product that makes ” distinguishing feature. This flying strategy of big question of CCTV net and division cooperates, promoted collaboration deepness, will be drive with artificial intelligence technology, intelligence of development full-court scene changes product kimono Wu, the news information service that provides individuation for the user and better seeing and hearing experience.

Division big question flies is the intelligent speech with Asia-Pacific famous area and artificial intelligence appear on the market enterprise. Flying group of division big question is senior vice-president Du Lan makes an appointment with ceremonially to express in the autograph, division big question flies dedicated artificial intelligence 20 years, be in international in language processing respect not only top-ranking, and in recent years, had undertaken in the industry such as media, medical treatment, education, recreation the industry is endowed with can, have good cooperative base with CCTV net. What this big question of CCTV net and division flies is strong strong together, media of hopeful open up crosses the new pattern of bound confluence, insert for media transition on the wing of artificial intelligence.

Song Weijun of general manager of center of hatch of innovation of CCTV network new media says, the subscription of agreement of this second strategy cooperation, the technical advantage that the resource advantage that links CCTV network adequately and division big question flies to, realize mutual benefit win-win, promote industry development. Both sides will be based on respective advantage resource, gain ground in advertisement of intelligent hardware, intelligence, intelligence application, artificial intelligence wait for a respect to begin thorough collaboration.

CCTV net is increasing the cooperation with orgnaization of technology of top class AI, accelerate construction of ” of editorial office of “ artificial intelligence, include operation of treatment of market intelligence creative work, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence to recommend, “ of intelligent examine and verify 5 wisdom ” the artificial intelligence at an organic whole is compositive service platform, compose builds entire media to transmit ” of “ wisdom centre, the much setting that provides intelligence to change for the user serves. This year in July, CCTV net and strategy of Baidu intelligence cloud cooperate, both sides will build center of research and development of artificial intelligence media in all, make product of media industry artificial intelligence jointly. CCTV net together the stage in the big data that A Liyun builds, had had the capacity that processes 10 billion data everyday at present, it is current the data bulk in mainstream media is the greatest with processing capability one of the strongest data platform, already formed “ reporter head the product of many big data such as ” .

The personage inside course of study thinks, CCTV net regards central broadcasting television as the website of central key news that total stage sponsors, with “ new main trend, Zhi Ping ” of stage, entire media is development concept, build ” of editorial office of “ artificial intelligence with all one’s strength, will quicken artificial intelligence technology to apply in media industry be born, website of news of subsequent wave “ + compositive sow those who accuse platform ” to cross 100 million users to cover transmission dominant position, with “ media + AI” drives comprehensive transition to upgrade, the transmission power that enhances mainstream new media further, lead force of force, consequence, public letter.

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