Connect high: China is driving automatically the car is standardized go up or will precede at the United States

According to foreign media coverage, american chip manufacturer is tall appellative, china plans to standardize its to be opposite the use of 5G car, supportive C-V2X standard, this may bring about the United States driving automatically the car is commercialized on be in laggard status.

China saves “ early the life of 100 thousand plan people, and the long-term route chart that we still decide to which standard suits western world most in gropingly. Vice-president of ” Gao Tonggao class overcomes · Si Dien in handkerchief spy (PatrickLittle) is being accepted when interviewing, express, “ if we can win a common standard, we are OK quickly deploy it, save a large number of capital and economic and many time. ”

Drive automatically

The name that Gaotong and many 100 company are driving the whole world to superintend an orgnaization to accept to be based on 5G is C-V2X vehicle standard. This technology will make car and infrastructure can convey each other data of real time traffic, reduce accident happening. Company of the competition inside course of study is supporting the level that is based on Wi-Fi eagerly, seek build car electron data to transmit the market. IHSMarkit estimation, to 2025, car electron data transmits market dimensions to will rise 9.2 billion dollar.

Although the proponent of this standard expresses, this standard is faster, more reliable. But include manufacturer of top car chip semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside inside the company thinks, the existing technical standard DSRC that is based on Wi-Fi is already enough good. The other proponent of DSRC, include general motors, masses car and this cropland Motor Corporation.

The choice is made between these two kinds of standards, become drive automatically one of car reality difficult problem. The aspect checks in road, china lags behind at the United States old. Be in American California only, alphabet company division leaves Waymo and other company, with respect to know exactly about sth the test of 1 million miles of course of development is recorded.

Nevertheless, china is the biggest car market on the world, issued a clear signal, it will embrace C-V2X. This year in October, china announced to use the plan of this standard, it is obligate of couplet net car technically spectrum. The 5G car association that established in September 2016 (5GAutomotiveAssociation) is forecasted, china will take the lead in rolling out C-V2X car. Ford Motor Corporation is done obeisance to vacate (Byton) had disclosed production and the plan that adopt car of this one standard.

Be in the United States, the government returns Telangpu to did not decide to support which kinds of level. European Union committee prepares to support DSRC, but this draft resolution was overruled by member country in July. Be in Asian other area, japan is planning to give DSRC spectrum allocation, korea plans to be these two kinds of standards put apart spectrum.

Peng rich news agency is written in a report April, the position with confirmed DSRC, in the application outside the territory in not was in block up C-V2X. But analytic personage expresses, from long-term in light of, the United States, Korea and Japan may turn to C-V2X, because these countries are in network of active deploy 5G.

The prospect that improves road safety is to superintend an orgnaization to accelerate decision-making main motive force. University traffic institute estimated Mixiegen last year, if American government has determined a kind of level this year, is not affirmatory after 3 years, the United States will have amount to the traffic accident of 8.1 million and the death of 44000 people to be able to avoid.

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